Monday, September 26, 2011

Scenes From The Weekend: Crafting With the Girls!

Happy Monday to you my friends!

I'm still trying to wake up since I did not get much sleep this weekend.
My dearest girlfriends and I spent the weekend getting our craft on.
We have signed up for a Christmas craft fair in November.
We have GOBS to do.
Since it's hard to get much done when we're home with the family,
our AMAZING husbands watched the kiddos so we could spend the weekend at a friends cabin.
We had tons of fun and got tons accomplished too.

We had plenty of supplies

and we did not pack lightly.

We worked until the wee hours of the morning.

I like to say these are part of my 'Fall line."

It wasn't all work and no play.
We took a walk to get some fresh air and enjoy the beeeautiful day.

 We found the perfect rustic barn for a photo opp.

 Um . . . yes. . . Alisha may or may not have been checking out the picking potential of the rustic barn.

If you know my girls, you know that they are crazy fun 
and can make any moment a blast.
 Check out the air!

And then there's me.
 Here I am stalling.

 And getting lower to make the ground closer.

And here's my awesome air . . .

Wait for it . . .

 Oh dear.
I'm pretty sure Alisha has a better shot of my awesome air.

It was a splendid weekend.

It was a productive weekend, but also just a great time to connect and giggle.
Lots of giggling.
There are a lot more pictures (right girls? hee hee)
but I'll stick to these.

Hope you had a relaxing and productive weekend.

Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. just a wee bit jealous of your fun weekend. but im glad you got lots done. good luck at your craft fair!

  2. Looks like you had a blast! Nothing is better than time with good friends laughing and creating!