Thursday, September 1, 2011

Keeping It Together

Happy Friday!
Oh wait . . . it's only Thursday.

But it's Friday for me!!  
Looking forward to a splendid weekend with my family.
(and a little junking along the way)
But before I start this fun weekend, I wanted to share a lil' 
somethin' I gussied up.

I've been organizing the classroom the last few days.
And that's one thing I am going to work on for this year-
staying organized!
Last year the girls each had a cute pencil holder for their desk.
But usually all I could find in these holders were Polly Pockets or sticks or wadded up pieces of paper . . .
So I decided to have a 'Grand Central' for all the supplies we use daily.
Here's what it started out looking like:

After a little painting, gluing and modge-podging
here's how it turned out:

We'll see if it works . . . 
Now the next struggle to tackle is keeping the house clean.
I'm thinking chore charts, any suggestions?

Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend,
enjoying the last few hours of summer!

1 comment:

  1. i LOVE IT! i'm putting the finishing touches on my classroom today and this weekend too. and it does feel like friday to me...but i'm glad it isn't. i've got TOOOOO much to do!