Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Scenes From Labor Day Weekend

We're home from a WONDERFUL weekend in Oregon.
We had a super fun visit with my family.
My folks live in a beautiful spot 
I found out it's a  FABULOUS place to go junkin'!
 I brought a trailer.
And filled every nook and crannie.

But the BEST part was connecting with my family.
My lil' brother with his ADORABLE son.
Honestly the BEST baby ever- I don't think I heard him fuss all weekend.
I loved watching my little brother be a parent.

The girls loved wearing Nana's hats all weekend.

 Lots of relaxin'
Dog piles

 Lots of giggles
 and connecting.

 My brothers are awesome.
One of the many things they've done reeeeally well is 
marry amazing women.
I love my sisters.
(we missed you Ami)

 I love my brothers.
I love my family.
My folks are getting close to their 40th wedding anniversary.
Yep, they rock.
And I'm so stinkin' thankful.

Hope you have a great start to a short week!


  1. amy!! so glad you had a good weekend :) and i NEEEED to talk to you! badly!

  2. and quit buying such fun stuff or i'm gonna have to buy out your whole shop! :)