Monday, June 2, 2014

Uniquely You

A few weeks ago I was blessed to be able to go to a Beth Moore conference.
Oh how I adore Beth.
If you're not familiar with Beth Moore, I HIGHLY recommend getting to know her through her many books and bible studies.
She's a hoot and a half and an incredible woman of God.

I've been to these conferences before.
So amazing.
There is nothing like worshiping with 6000 other women.
I get chills just thinking about it.

So I was prepared.
 I had my cute little notebook, my favorite pen, cinnamon bears, and a little package of tissues.
These conferences are known to tug at your heart.
I came expecting God to speak to me.
Renew me.
Refresh and inspire me.

 And it was good.
Beth had 10 main points and I was feeling good after hearing 
#'s 1- 6.
She had us say them aloud repeatedly so that we really heard them.

And then we got to number 7.

She said it.
I wrote it.
 Then she had us say it aloud.
And that's when the tears came.
Or rather should I say the floodgates.

#7 ~ I am a masterpiece of personality, intellect, emotion, skill, talent, experience, and supernatural gifting meant to spread benefits of heaven to people on earth.

What a beautiful thing.
We were created in the image of God.
Because of that, there is no one like you.
You are uniquely YOU made in His image.
God doesn't make mistakes.
So every little thing about you is just how the Master wants you to be.

Now if I could just wrap my heart around this truth.
I'm reading Shauna Niequist's book, Bread and Wine,
and she says 
" . . . one's tears are a guide, that when something makes you cry, it means something.  If we pay attention to our tears, they'll show us something about ourselves."
(on a side note- I HIGHLY recommend this book- so so good)

So when I read this in Shauna's book, I was reminded of the flood gate episode at the conference.
Apparently this is something God and I are going to work on.
I find it no coincidence that when I went to buy a book for an upcoming bible study I'll be attending in July, Amazon recommended this book

I read the description and again, those stinkin' tears.
So I'm excited.
Beth talked about being the living poetry of God- His masterpiece.
I'm only in chapter 2, but this has been a repeated truth Emily Freeman talks about in her book.

I share this because maybe you need to hear it too.
Maybe you need a little guidance embracing who you really are.
Being confident in who you really are.
Maybe you need to repeat #7 to yourself every morning. 
I know I do.

On a random side note- today is our first official day of summer vacation.


  1. Oh, yes, Beth is "all that and a bag of chips" for sure! An amazing woman of God and makes His Word come alive. I've heard her in person 2-3 times and each one was so special. So glad you were able to attend one of her events and the blessing it was and will continue to be in your life.

    Enjoy your summer with those sweet girls!

  2. I love love love this!! Thanks for sharing. I do need to repeat that too! I am such a tear jerker! I love what Shauna said about crying that is so cool. I want to read both of those books too! Happy summer vacation!

  3. Is Beth Moore not amazing. I love doing her studies...they take time but so worth it. How fun that you were able to attend a conference!
    Happy Summer Vacation!!

  4. That is a very powerful important message and one that is hard for a lot of us women to grasp I think.