Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring Has Sprung At Station 8

Green grass, budding trees, high rivers,  . . . ah . . . Spring has arrived in Montana!

I love this time of year!
We're wrapping up school- with only a few weeks left.
My perennials are saying hello after a long cold winter.
My strawberry patch is begging me to get rid of the weeds so they can see the sun.

AND Station 8 is in FULL bloom with new vintage treasures!

Let's grab an iced Americano and shop shall we?

The girls did an amazing job transforming the shop with the theme
'Say I Do To Spring'

Hello luscious ruffles.

Did your heart just skip a beat when you saw this perfectly chippy green counter?
I know.
Mine did too.
It's an old fabric cutting counter.
There are 2 huge bins that pull out in the front.
It's even more amazing in person!

And here we are in my little corner of happy.
I had so much fun making these paper rosettes.
I think I may need to make some for my home.

I am so blessed with this lil' side gig I got goen.
I hope you get a chance to fluff your nest for SPRING!


  1. Station 8 is precious and I so wish I could come and ramble through. I love the rosettes and can't believe you made them. They are indeed "happy!" So glad that springtime has arrived for you and may it be a delightful one.

  2. Everything looks wonderful. I love every picture! I love the rosettes you are so talented my friend!
    I have the same pepsi crate at home.

  3. it looks amazing!! I want it all! The green fabric is amazing! I would love to shop this little shop with you!

  4. Kinda dying. I would kill to have a shop like that close. And that chippy Island. I would buy that in a heartbeat!!!

  5. I'm catching up. Obviously I've miss a TON over here!! I love that store. Love it love it love it. That train calendar you have hanging there? I have the same one...from 1969 :)