Friday, August 23, 2013

Let's Catch Up Shall We?

Not sure how a month has gone by.

All I can attribute to my absence is 
being delightfully busy with FUN.

But this week I'm facing reality.
 School is indeed approaching.

So I'm attempting to get caught up with all the areas 
I let get dusty over summer. 
Since I can't have ya'll over for coffee and a real honest to goodness chat,
I'll just bombard you with a ton of photos.


August is a busy birthday month for us.

 Maggie turned 4

 Josh turned  . . . cough . . . 39!!!

And Addyson turned 6!

At the beginning of August, we were blessed to be able to 
join a family reunion in Sisters, OR.

I LOVED watching my girls connect with family we don't see nearly enough.

I grew up camping with my extended family.
My heart was so full 
watching my girls hang out with my aunts and uncles.

I get to spend with my Grandpa.

In the rest of the weeks, we spent it 
hiking, camping, floating the river, playing with cousins, swimming at the pool, . . .
It's been truly wonderful.

I am slooooowly getting ready for school.
I am sloooowly getting excited for it.
We have one more week of summer and I plan to make the most of it!

I hope you've had a delightful summer too!


  1. Getting together with family is the best!! We are going camping for the first time this weekend, since we have had kids. I'm so excited. yeah for birthdays!! Good luck with school planning.

  2. Looks like a wonderful summer! And how did school sneak up on us? We have 1 week to go and I...ummmm...just ordered curriculum! Such a slacker, I am! I do pretty much have my pre-schoolers and kindergartener's stuff together though which feels good! Have fun planning!

  3. Welcome back. Yes it looks like you have had a wonderful summer and enjoying to beauty of the outdoors.
    Enjoy your girls for the next week before you are back in school!

  4. Glad you had some great times this summer!!! welcome back :).

  5. Need I say it again, your girls are absolutely adorable! And, your Hubby definitely does not look 39. Guess all your gals take really good care of him. So awesome that you all have had such special times together this summer. Blessings as you prepare for the new school year!

  6. Yay for school starting! I am so not ready, but I am very excited!