Monday, July 29, 2013

A Beautiful Day

 Last week, Josh and I snuck away and hiked a peak in 
Glacier National Park.

It was just what we needed.
A day just the two of us.

We had an early start and were the first ones on the trail- besides a few mountain goats.

I think one of Josh's love languages is climbing mountains.
I should probably be in better shape
It was breathtaking beautiful at the top.

This is my standard "I made it to the top" pose.

It was a beautiful day!


  1. Great picture of you two at the end! Looks like you had fun! My hubby would love something like that. We settle for climbing the dunes at Lake MI. Not quite the same... :)

  2. your pose!! hahaha!! what a beautiful hike! you guys live in paradise.

  3. you are a rockstar. this is so gorgeous. hiking is my all-time fave.

  4. wow! what a beautiful area you are in....minus the snow, I saw...wasn't it chilly?

  5. How beautiful! A love fun dates like that.

  6. Such beautiful views! And snow in late July! Wow! Glad y'all got that much needed time together.