Friday, May 3, 2013

A Simple (and inexpensive) Thank You Gift

It's that time of year again.

Activities, practices and lessons are winding down.

I am SO thankful for our 'village' 
who help us teach and mold our girls.

This week we celebrated the last night of AWANA at our church.
It's a special awards night acknowledging all the hard work the kids put into memorizing hundreds of verses throughout the year.

It takes a large number of dedicated people to make AWANA happen
and I wanted to make sure to thank the leaders who guided our girls.

With all the different activities the girls are in, I knew I needed to keep the cost down on gifts.

So here's how I made a sweet yet cheap succulent cute.

These little cuties are 4 bucks at Lowes.
I couldn't splurge on a nice pot
(it adds up quickly)
but knew I wanted to jazz up the plastic pots a bit.

I had pinned a bunch of tutorials on making paper bags, but it turned out they were all written in another language.

Here's how I improvised:

First I found an object that was similar in size to my plant.

 I  made sure to trim the top with fun scissors.

 Then I simply wrapped the object like a gift on one side and secured it with my  handy dandy glue gun.

 Then I just slipped the paper off the object and I had myself a cute little bag that was just the right size.

After embellishing  with fun tape and a note, it was ready to deliver.

One activity down, 3 more to go!

This is such a fun and crazy time of year!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend! 


  1. Love how you dressed up those cute little plants! Their leaders will love them!

  2. How ingenious and cute and thrifty! I know their teachers will be thrilled! Awanas is such a wonderful program!

  3. Love this idea. Next week is teacher appreciation week at the kids school and I am the room mom for both classes. I wanted to do flowers and Friday but this may be just a fun.
    Have a wonderful weekend Amy!

  4. well this is perfect!! i'm so doing this for Hunter's teachers. inexpensive, lovely and heartfelt. thanks girlie!

  5. BEST!
    i love this, amy!
    confession:::i already killed TWO succulents(how is that possible??) so i went and bought fakers at hobby lobby! LOL!!!
    you are SO creative friend!
    love you!

  6. love this idea! seriously sweet. may have to copy:)