Monday, April 29, 2013

Steam Punk

Over the weekend I was blessed to be a part of one of Station 8's super fun events.
They hosted a launch party for a local magazine and the theme was
Steam Punk!

Don't worry, I had to google it too.

I didn't quite get 'the look' at first, but I totally do now and absolutely love the contrast and creativity of it.
To make the party extra fun, 
Colette and  her team of super amazing women 
transformed the store!

Here's a little glimpse of what they created:

One of the super fun perks of the night was 
we had our hair and make up done.
I felt so pampered !

Angie ended up with mile-high hair.
It was awesome!

Here's the amazing owner Miss Colette!

Rachel and Angie with her towering hair.

 The lovely Miss Barb.
I wish I had taken a close up of her amazing hat she made.

And here I am!
Complete with my nest hair!
It was so fun to get all dressed up crazy!

It was such a fun night!
You can check out  more pictures when you like their 
Facebook page!

I am so thankful to be a part of such an amazing team.
Not only has Station 8 allowed me to pursue my dreams,
but I've also made some amazing friendships.

Hope you get a chance to  be 'out of your normal' creative today!


  1. How fun and don't you all look cute! I LOVE all the goodies in your shop.

  2. i like your nest hair! too cute. what fun this is. xo!

  3. oh my goodness, how FUN!!!
    how adorable are YOU???
    love it!

  4. oooooh my goodness you look great!!!! I love love love that store!

    just trying to catch up a bit :) I'm totally out of the loop...for good reason :)

    can't wait to catch up with YOU soon!

  5. LOVE THIS!!!! lol. you are adorable!