Friday, March 22, 2013

Think Spring

Happy third day of spring!

We are starting to see slight signs of spring in our neck of the woods.
One minute the yard will be covered in snow and a few hours later it's gone again . . .
and repeat!
Now that we've lived here 7 years, I know not to truly expect the warmth and thaw of spring until May or in some years June.

But the girls and I are starting to work on making it look a bit  more like spring on the inside.

Yesterday we created a few flower masterpieces by doing an oil pastel resist.

We first did a bit of reading.

Then I decided that we needed REAL flowers to inspire us
("Yes honey, I needed to buy the bouquet for school")

So we looked at our pretty flowers and drew away.

Then we did a simple wash with watercolors and were delighted with the way the pastels resisted the water.
Very fun and bright!

 Just what our classroom needed.

And then they just got goofy.

Including the teacher
 It's super fun to play with pastels.

And just to add a bit more spring into our day, we made 'nests'.

 I shared these last year.
I made them with my mom when I was a kid and now I love making them with my girls.
It's the Rice Krispy recipe- but just use noodles instead of the cereal.

I'm off to have a nest for breakfast!

Hope you have a delightful weekend! 


  1. look how darn cute you are!!!
    i'm glad you made those flowers....we're going to too. and those nests are also on my list. just bought the eggs :) we share a usual!

  2. Such pretty Springy ideas! Love the picture of you in your ball cap. :) I think I've eaten those nests before - yummy! I'll have to make them with my kids. Fun ideas!

  3. Look how cute you are. Love the beautiful spring paintings!
    I made the bird nests with my mom growing up as well. I saw them on Pinterest not to long ago and thought they would be fun to make with my kiddos.
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. look at all this springy goodness!
    so very cute Mrs. Giffin! :)
    and i am NOT buying those eggs. nope. not doing it this year.
    i would eat.them.all!
    love you!

  5. I love that you're bringing spring inside!! I remember how long it took for it to start feeling warm when we lived in Lake Tahoe. But, when it's 112 degrees here in Charleston, you will be enjoying 60-70's probably. And I will remind you that the long winters are worth it! :)

  6. Happy Spring Amy and girls. Love that you decided to make your own while you wait. Good idea. :-)