Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Good Times

So, I turned 40 over the weekend.
Ok, not really, but I did turn 37 and you KNOW when you hear the number 37 you automatically round up to 40.
It's ok.
I'm cool with getting older.
I've just added a few things to my list of 40 before 40.
(in fear of my metabolism slowing down with my increasing age, I might have ordered a work out video from an infomercial  that guaranteed results with 10 minute work outs. I'll let you know how that works out.  HA!)

So here's why I had such a fabulous birthday:
It started with a little get away with my main squeeze.

 ( I love this picture.  If you're a blogger you know this look. 
 "Really honey?  Must we take pictures of everything?") 

Wining and dining, sleeping in, a little junking

(we discovered a new salvage yard- yummy yummy stuff- 
not so good on prices- but super fun to explore)

After 3 nights of a king size bed that I didn't have to make in the morning and sleeping in and eating at fun restaurants and going to the movies . . . we came home to our precious girls.

 I want to say a HUGE thank you to my mother in law who watched the girls.
And she cleaned my oven!!!!

The girls decorated the house

and left sweet birthday notes all over.

My hubbie made  sure I had all the birthday necessities

(oh my that is a huge flame)

including friend chicken for dinner and carrot cake for dessert.

I really am one blessed girl.

I'm looking forward to life in my 37th year.
God is good, so I know, in all things, life will be too.

And here's a little peak at my junk

 I'll be  trying to squeeze these fun industrial lockers in the shop soon!

Hope you have a fabulous day!


  1. Happy Birthday, Sweet Friend! It looks like it was a wonderful one! I love when my kids spoil me with handmade pictures and artwork for birthdays and mother's day.
    That table and lockers look amazing. Still wishing Texas and Montana were much closer together. Hubby has business trips "more" in that direction, wonder if he'd swing by for me hehehe)

  2. Even before I read about how your hubby was feeling in that picture, I was laughing at his face! Too funny! And my husband completely understands. :) I really like your treasures! Especially the magazine holder thing. SOO cute! Too bad shipping it would be such a pain!

  3. Happy Birthday Amy!! 40 is not bad I promise :)I love getting away with my husband...it does not happen often though. It looks like you were treated like a queen on your birthday. Carrot cake is my favorite and I had it on my birthday as well.
    Now as for the wonderful goodies you found....LOVE LOVE LOVE the chippy white table!! I could see it in my new family room. So wish I lived in your neck of the woods.
    Have a wonderful day Amy!

  4. Thrilled you had a great weekend, Amy! How could you go wrong, right? xoxxo

  5. i love love love the "look" it's too cute. happy belated birthday!! and, i'm so jealous over the locker.

  6. i am always so envious of your junk. that sounded weird.

    josh looks like a typical blogger's spouse...haha!

    and i thought your hair was on fire! haha!!

    and no, nobody rounded up to 40...

    love you, sweetie. so glad you had a fun weekend!!

  7. Happy birthday Amy! Nothing to worry about 40, i just got here myself just 3 weeks ago and its not so bad!! so glad you had a super fun weekend and your junk looks great ..... that statement could also be interpreted another way!!

  8. Belated Happy Birthday, and that picture of you and your dh is priceless!!!

  9. Those are some very cool finds! Happy birthday!