Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gettin' Stitchy

As I've mentioned a few bazillion times,
I've been itchin' to try embroidery.
After hoarding a few hoops for months and checking out every library book in the valley, 
I decided to give it a go.

My first project wasn't really embroidery

But it was a lot of hand stitching and got me use to the whole hoop deal.
And it's a great reminder for me.

After stitching that gargantuan hoop, I felt ready to tackle some real embroidery.
So I stitched up a few kitchen towels.

It's safe to say that I am officially hooked
(and my family may use the word addicted)

It's like coloring, but with thread!
I'm telling you, super duper fun!

I used an iron on transfer

 All you do is stitch over the line.

 Here are a few tips from a beginner:

1.  When ironing on the image, there's no going back.  Get it on there good the first time or you'll end up with a double or smeared image.
2.  Don't forget to check the back- it might look all pretty in the front and a rats nest disaster in the back. So take a peak every now and then to make sure it's neat and tidy in the back too.
3.   It's not a good idea to just drop the little pieces of thread on the floor- they will be tracked all through out the house. ( not that I would do that or anything)
4.  When your thread gets a knot (oh and it will) don't aggressively pull at it, as the thread will break- and oh man is that a bummer.

I highly recommend this fun past time.
It is fast, easy and rewarding.

And if you're related to me or a friend, you can expect an embroidered towel for your next birthday, and Christmas, and Mother's Day and Ground Hog's Day and . . .  

 Have you been meaning to try something new?
Well what are you waiting for?  Go for it!


  1. that is SO good! you're awesome! i've never tried that before...maybe someday ;)

  2. I want to try so badly! I love that sign and those dish towels are perfect. You need to get those in the shop, asap!

    So for my silly question- do you use the WHOLE hunk (don't know correct terms hehe) of thread or do you pull the little threads apart and stitch with just 1 at a time?

  3. Oh I love embroidery reminds me of my grandmother. I have some wonderful towels that were hers with the days of the week on them. How cute is the mix it up towel with the pyrex looking bowls! I can see it in my kitchen. Are you going to offer any of your work in your shop? Are you teaching the girls your art?

  4. these are amazing! i have over half a dozen hoops hanging on my wall unused...too busy making other things. i should have you do them up for me;) you did a fantastic job friend!

  5. WHAT!??? you skipped beginner and headed straight for PRO!!!
    are you a perfectionist, my dear?
    these are ahhhmazing!

  6. I love embroidery and cross stitch! Sadly, I have not done either for quite awhile, other than a small project here or there. It was something my mom taught me when I was quite young, and she would read to us, while we did handwork of some kind!