Monday, January 14, 2013

Occupational Hazard

Every now and then
I come across an item in my junking adventures 
that I just can't find myself able to let it go.

Here are a few of the latest goodies:

A perfect combo of aqua, orange, coffee and rusty goodness

An old french salt box
Oooh La La

 A few nut grinders
They're just so cute!

The happiest metal Thermos lunch box
 If you know me, you know why I was drawn to this fun metal sign.
It's red and says my favorite food group

I sweet children's sewing box.
Perfect for all my little crafty tools.

This sweet globe was a Christmas gift from Kaitlyn.
She teamed up with her Daddy to buy this for me on one of our Spokane trips.
I love it so much- mostly because my Kaitlyn bought it for me.

Well those are my latest goodies.

In fear of cluttering up my home, I have made a rule  for myself:
For every item that stays, an item must go.
So you may eventually see one of these in my Etsy shop.

What's your latest favorite find?


  1. Hehe my latest favorite find would have to be that fan from your shop (yah!) that will look amazing on our DIY tv stand. Love all our your new (old?) goodies!

  2. Love! I just bought a green old vintagey esque couch. :). it's fabulous and in my great room downstairs!!!

  3. Love all of them!! Such fun finds. I found some great old cans while cleaning out my grandmothers house this fall.

  4. wow. you better hold on to them! such treasures!!

  5. how fun!!!!!!!!!!
    i miss my antiquing weekends(A LOT).
    i LOVE that french salt box so much!
    and globes have a special place in my heart, too!
    fun fun!

  6. Love all the treasures!! I agree with Mary. I am loving the globes lately. I am still on the look out for about 4 more. I am lining the tops of my kitchen cabinets with them. It looks so cute! I need to find some places around here to go junking. We just have a lot of antique shops that are so expensive! Hope you have a great day! xoxo, Jen

  7. You came across some lovely treasures! :) Happy Tuesday, hugs, Holly

  8. good stuff! I like your curtains!

  9. Ooh, so fun! If you ever put that candy sign in your Etsy shop, I think I may have to buy it. :)