Friday, January 11, 2013

A Simple Snowman Craft

The girls and I were feeling the need to be crafty.
We were inspired by this art project on Pinterest.
I loved it because once I gave them the basic guidelines, they were off on their own.
Love that.

Here's what you need:

 *white scrap paper torn into pieces
*glue sticks
*construction paper
*and glitter of course!

First they lightly drew their snowman outline.
Then  simply glued and filled in with the white paper.

Then they used construction paper and glitter to add the details.
They turned out super cute!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. PRESH!!!
    LOVE them all, but the snowman looking up is my favorite! :)
    have a wonderful day!
    i'll be praying for you. :)

  2. CUTE! And I love that they are all so different. I might just have to try it with my kiddos, too.

  3. i love how maggie conveniently excluded from the activity. sometimes those youngin's just need to be napping at times like these :) love 'em.

  4. i think maybe we need to trade places. because i am craving some cold snowmany days. it is 73 degrees here today. in january. i will live vicariously through your craft. : )

  5. Would you believe I have this pinned to do this week in school :) Muah.

  6. Oh, so very cute! What every little girl would feel proud about accomplishing! They must have had a wonderful teacher. ;-) Hugs,