Monday, December 17, 2012

Cherish Every Moment


I didn't really mean to take a blogging break, 
it was just a full week.
And to be honest, I'm having a bit of a hard time posting anything this morning because of the tragedy last week.
Like you I'm sure, I am at a lost for words and I can't stop thinking about it.
So this weekend I hugged my girls more often and a little tighter.
I was a little more patient and didn't get so frustrated with crumbs and unmade beds.
I put things aside to spend more quality time with them.

 So we made sugar cookies.

Sunday after church we went for a hike in the snow.


Our Christmas break starts this week.
And this momma/teacher is ready for it.
I'm ready to focus a little more on making sweet memories.

Have a blessed day! 



  1. I think it is safe to say everyone is stunned by what happened last Friday. I can't stop thinking about it- been a little sick to my stomach over it in fact.

    Those cookies are so cute! I used pre-made sugar cookie dough last night and made a ton of cutouts for us to decorate tomorrow. You have to tell me though what you did so your cutouts didn't turn into big blobs? It happens every year, homemade cookie dough or store bought. My snowmen and Christmas trees look the same! ha! I hope the kids don't mind. Merry Christmas!

  2. sugar cookie memories are something i will always remember as a child. i loved making them with my kiddos! and i'm thinking we did it early enough in the season we are ready for round two. : ) glad you hugged them tighter this weekend. i did the same!

  3. Yes, it was a hard weekend. I loved on my kids a little more this weekend as well. Friday was a long day. I posted on my blog how there were a few times I needed to talk myself out of going to the school to pick my kids up early.
    We are going to decorate cookies next weekend..the kids are so excited.

  4. you make me want to go for a walk in the the snow. i need some snow!!!

    (and sugar cookies)

  5. i'm with you, girlfriend.
    less worry and stress, more quality time.
    your cookies look amazing!
    we are on break, too!

  6. Well I think it's looking very festive over here, those sugar cookies look great! This past weekend was so hard on so many levels, like you, we too have been grieving with these families, their town, and our country. I had to turn the news off for awhile, so devestating, so evil!!!!

    Wishing you and your lovely family a blessed Christmas, may Jesus continue to love and protect all of you in this uncertain world! After all, HE still is on the throne!

  7. Hi :)
    I used to be so grateful I lived in a small town, but now I think, wow if it could happen in Newton could it happen here? You just never know. We haven't turned the news on for a few days because it was so devastating and so real and so relatable because of the ages of my children.

    Your cookies look amazing and I loved the sunglasses!!