Monday, December 10, 2012

10 on 10: December

It's the 10th!
(which means there are only 15 days til' Christmas. Got much to do?)
So I'm linkin' up with Rebekah and her fun photo challenge.
10 pictures in 10 hours capturing beauty in the ordinary moments.

Here we go!

 Shhhh . . . they're still sleeping

We woke up to this!
So we had a day full of cozy.







And lots of drying.

It was a beautiful day full of cozy!


Hope you have a great day finding the beauty in the everyday ordinary! 



  1. ok so....lots of things to say here:
    that drying rack is awesome!
    you got snow!!! yeah!!!
    i love that you're like me and love to get up early. only i wish i would have done that this morning. do NOT like monday mornings where i have little people when i wake up :-/
    i can't believe your mug is holding up! i had no idea that that paint would actually work on it!! heehee....
    your porch is so cute and how awesome to have a protected porch that you can decorate so sweetly.

    love you.

    thanks for praying for me.

    you're the bestest ever.


  2. so much cute! your fluffing always makes me smile. snow! enjoy some for me!!! : )

  3. Can I just come live there? Love this post so much. We have not had snow in forever. None! The thing is that we should. I love it and the snow days it brings where the girls and I can cozy up and create. It is finally cold enough, so maybe we will get some soon!
    We have been soooo sick and need the germs to be killed of by the cold weather!
    Have a beautiful day friend! xoxo

  4. Love your fluffing...can I come sit on your bench?;)
    And your drying rack LOVE it!!
    Happy Monday!

  5. Looooooove the "snow white" reading a book!!!
    You have amazing pictures!

    Kisses and blessings.
    Mirys (from Brazil)

  6. Looks like a lovely cozy day! Yummy start to the day while the children are asleep :)

  7. Love the knitting project. Looks like you had a beautiful snowy December day. Have a Merry Christmas!

  8. Wonderful photos! What a lovely winter's day. Thanks for sharing.

  9. LOVE your porch and the hats and mittens drying by the stove. Makes me miss the snow.

  10. your day looks dreamy!!!
    such sweet memories you are making! :)

  11. What a fun looking wintry day! I wish I had snow in my yard! Cute set!

  12. Oh this was VERY different then my day! LOVE these pictures. Thanks for the smile!

  13. Oh what fun pictures! We are actually having "winter like" weather this week- until Thursday hehe
    And this will come as no surprise, but I'm knitting one of those scarfs, too. Mine is purple and for my grandmother for Christmas. I need to make myself one next...for all of this cold TX weather. hahahaha

  14. What a fantastic, fun, cozy and wintery day!
    Yummy sips. Cutie pie kids. I love your drying rack and wood stove. This looks like a great day :)

  15. your 10 on the 10th photos are fantastic. i want to sit on that darling red swing, then come in and sip hot cocoa next to your fire (it's not at all odd when a stranger invites themselves over is it?).

    one of these months i will remember to post a 10 on the 10th!