Wednesday, October 24, 2012


"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . . "

Hee hee!

But when you wake up to this

and you've been busy creating Christmas crafts,
you can't help but get a Christmas tune stuck in your head.

I'm gearing up for Station 8's magical Christmas Open House.
If you're in the area you won't want to miss it,
mark your calendars for November 3rd! 

While my hubbie was gone embracing his inner mountain man hunting for the weekend, the girls and I did what girls do when the man is away.
We ate breakfast for quite a few meals

we ate lots of Rocky Road

(I more than the girls)

And I stayed up WAY too late crafting up a storm

Did you know if you stay up til the wee hours of the morning you're too tired to hear the house make weird creaking sounds?

I am so glad my hubbie has a hobby that brings him such joy.
But I'm even happier that he's home.

I hope your having a wonderful week so far!


  1. Oh my! Snow! Hmmm we have a high of 80 something here today but excited that this weekend will cool off to 60! Looks like you and the girls had fun. Can't wait to see pictures of Station 8's Christmas Open House. Always full of inspiration!

  2. SNOW!
    That's awesome! We went an entire winter last year without it! So unlike our weather here.
    Can't wait to see what kinda craftin you are up too! Hugs to you! xo, Jen

  3. SNOW!!!??!?! what the??? i don't think i'm ready for that yet. you have a way better attitude! we actually didn't get any last year and that was kinda sad. i seriously cannot wait to see your little spot! i know it's going to be awesome!!

  4. Snow fun! Looking forward to seeing all of your Christmas goodies!!

  5. i cannot believe you have snow. it seems too early for snow!! but your bunting looks like it's going to be super cute!!

  6. Hey Amy, i'm attempting a christmas craft decoration using felt this year and I just wondered do you have to use a felt needle? I'm making these cute owls

  7. hmmmmm....snow.
    i have mixed feelings about that, but there are no mixed feelings about rocky road and vintage and handcrafted goodies!
    LOVE! :)

  8. Oh my word...snow! Can't even imagine. It was 80 here today.

  9. Oh my. I can't believe you got snow! It was 75 or above in MICHIGAN today!!! Amazing!

  10. Hello Amy...surprise!!! I've been away from blogdom all summer...good to be back! Your blog is looking so festive!!! Station 8, Nov. 3rd, rats not in the area this time like last, o'well, I'll have to see it through your lens when you post pics. In fact I'll be in the Helena area off and on for the month of November, maybe I can find some fun craft shows there, do you know of any?

    So fun to catch up on your blog, my goodness the girls have grown so much over the summer, I noticed that right away! Blessings my dear....have a great weekend!

  11. Oh you clever woman, Amy! I simply cannot wait until I get to see what you have created for our gala event! Your talent is so amazing. You know your reputation in the store is "anything you see and love in the current hip home decor magazines, Amy has in her shop!" Yep, that's what you're known for! See you soon!Colette