Monday, August 27, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Hope you had a relaxing weekend!
That's exactly what mine was.

It started with 

a little junkin' of course!
This was just round one.
Yes, I may have a problem.

It felt good to get a little school work done.

I still have quite a bit to do.
But I'm having fun.
I'm fluffin' up the classroom this week too.

The big girls were working with Josh, Addy was at a birthday party, so Maggie and I had a date.

We had frozen yogurt for dinner.
And I could not get her to smile without looking like she was in pain.

Saturday morning was 

a wee bit chilly.

But that didn't stop my friend Jen and me
 (Jen and I?  Oh dear! Help English teacher mom!)

 We had a hoot at The Vintage White's Market

 I gravitate towards anything metal, aqua or red.

 I think I need to give my ol' vintage metal chairs a face lift.
Don't you love how these are painted?

Don't you think I need this chair for my office?

We decided it was a wee bit too diva for me.

It was a splendid weekend.
Tomorrow I'll show you my attempt at getting school pictures for the girls
I need my sweet friend Darcy to come help me.

Looking forward to a 'checkin' off the list' kind of week.

Hope you have a marvelous Monday!


  1. Good morning friend! Sounds like a pretty great weekend! Your Maggie is such a doll! Hope you get all your fluffin done before you start school :) My girls have been in school a week already. Summer went too fast. Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Oh my it was a chilly morning for you! Is that normal this time of the year? We are pretty happy about our 72 degree morning this morning... and the fact that it hasn't hit 100 in a couple of weeks!! I'm almost ready now for school- the printer was going pretty much non stop yesterday. It got a break while we were at church! (And if I could have kept it going then, too, I would have!) BUT- I'm making copies for the WHOLE year so I won't have to come back and do it again. Happy week!

  3. Wow it was a bit chilly there! We had been having a little heat wave here but this weekend it broke and it the low 80s. I am so ready for fall!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your wonderful finds. Those chairs in the first picture and the water cooler...oh my! Sure wish I loved closer to you.
    Have a great Monday!

  4. I think you're right. Jen and me, not Jen and I. I think the rule is that if you get rid of Jen, "me" makes sense and "I" doesn't, but it still sounds funny even if it's right (I think ;) ).
    Can't wait to see your kids' school pics and your school area!

  5. holy moly! it was freezing in your woods! come visit me and sunshine anytime! only if you promise to bring some cool air along. : )

    can't wait to see your school fluffing... you know i love how you fluff!

  6. 34 degrees, goodess, we hardly see that in the dead of winter. How funny!

    Love your "finds" and think "junking" would be lots of fun. But, think I'm way past the age for that at this point. :o)

    Happy week!

  7. Oh wish I could sweet friend! I can NOT wait to see pictures! mmmm the chair-fabulous! :) Frozen Yogurt for dinner? pretty fabulous too! Have a great week! Love you!