Monday, August 6, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend spent with your favorite people.
That's exactly what mine was- low key and with my family.
We have been going going going for the whole summer,
so it was lovely to slow down a bit.

My weekend started with a bit of garage saleing
( shocking I know)

 I scored some fun loot.

Josh had to do a bit of work on Saturday,
and he took the three older girls.

So it was just me and my Maggie.
I cherish this one on one time with my baby.

I put my agenda for the day aside and doted on her.
 We played messy play-dough

 We colored.
Seriously,  when was the last time you actually sat and colored with your kid?
It had been WAY to long for me.

 We had a picnic lunch.

And went to the grocery store to buy fun popcycles.

Our time was so simple, but such a sweet reminder that it doesn't take much to spend quality time with my baby.

My baby who turns three TODAY!

After my workerbees got home,
we had dinner outside and dessert around the firepit.

Sunday was delightful.
After church and a few chores around the house,
we packed up a simple dinner and headed to a creek.

I love this pic.

One of their cousin's grape sodas came home in our ice chest.
My girls NEVER have soda.
But we let them have the grape soda as a treat.
This is them discussing the sharing rotation.

It truly is the simple things.

 Addy kept saying her *burps* were spicy.

 After dinner, Josh took the three older girls exploring.

 And since Maggie was still snoozin'

I enjoyed a little R&R myself.

 It was one of those evenings

 when my heart is so full

 when I'm reminded

just how truly blessed I am

and I am so thankful.

Hope you have a blessed start to your week!


  1. How lovely! Love your garage sale finds and special alone time with my kids. Hlad you found time to slow down.

  2. lovely indeed. i a wanna be one of your kids...ha! You always look like your having a ton of fun over there. What a blessing your girls are. happy birthday to your little one. I will e-mail you later re; that book. I wanna look at it a bit better before I reccomend it to you (age wise). You'll hear from me soon. Hugs, Mica

  3. oh my word... that last picture is so precious. look at your beautiful girls!! and wow, i want to go garage sale-ing with you. major score!

  4. The picture of your girls sharing the pop (I'm a Northerner ;)) is too cute. :)

  5. I'm convinced you live in God's country. It is beautiful!!! And we would call that "coke" down here in the South. Some people might call it grape drank. Hahaha!!! Sooo...whatcha readin'? Lastly, sooo envious of your finds. I never, I repeat, NEVER see vintage fans out garage saling. Nope, they are over $30 at that antique shops. Boo...
    Hope you have a great week, Amy!!

  6. Oh my goodness! Happy Birthday to sweet Maggie! My littlest will be three very soon and I am not sure how I feel about that! What a wonderful mama you are :)
    Oh and I would fall over dead if I found anything that awesome yardsaling. I guess its just not in me to find good stuff at them.
    You are so blessed! Your hometown is so beautiful as well as your sweet girls!
    Hope you are having a great week my friend! xoxo