Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Camping Weekend!

We just got back from a super fun weekend camping with family.

 It was just a few days, but we PACKED it with fun!

These family camp trips are an annual gig with Josh's sister and her family.
This year was even more special because Josh's older brother and his family came too!

 That beautiful TEENAGER is my niece Emma.
I met her when she was about my Maggie's age.
This whole growing up thing just messes with my heart!

 I love watching my girls connect with their cousins . . .

and aunties and uncles.

On Sunday, we spent the entire day on the water.

 It was a blast!

 Such sweet memories.

 Love you guys!
And miss you already!

And today . . .

 I deal with the camping mess.

I wish I was floating on the creek . . .

Hope you have a blast today!


  1. That's something I want to do with my girls. We've never been! Love that huge turtle. Happy laundry day girlie.

  2. What a fun weekend! What awesome memories you are making! We used to camp as a big family when I was a kid and I loved it. I think I loved the family part more than the camping but maybe thats just my old age talkin. Cousin time is the best! We wanted to go this summer but with the extreme heat it will have to wait. :(
    Good luck today with the mess! You can do it! {insert corny cheerleading chant}
    Miss you around here :) xoxo

  3. How fun! Camping is so fun but it is a lot of work as well. Lots of cleaning when you get home.

  4. i can't wait to take our kids one day. since i grew up in california we always camped at Lake Tahoe. then i moved there later and got in gobs of mountain time. i can't even tell you how happy your mountain pics make me! love them. what sweet memories made... even worth all the laundry! : )

  5. Oh camping looks fabulous if there was like an embassy suites around the corner out of sight for sleeping and showering :) lol!!! Looks like a blast! Welcome home!!!

  6. woot woot, looks like a fun filled camping trip...great pics. Have fun putting it all away. tee hee. Hugs, Mica

  7. hahaaa your laundry looks like mine!! has taken me 3 days to unpack, put away, wash, clean house and now we head to the lake again this weekend!!! camping is a looooooooooooooooooooot of work but a looooooooooooot of fun!!