Friday, June 1, 2012

That's A Wrap!

Helloooooo Summer!

We celebrated our last day of school yesterday!

 The proper way to celebrate is with donuts of course!
Would you take a look at those gi-hugey donuts!

It's been a great year!
The last week has been wonderfully busy with wrapping everything up.

Piano Recitals

 Last Races

 Awana Awards Night

 It's been fun!

We spent our last day finishing up a few lessons.
I love that the girls were sad when we read our last chapter in history.
They can hardly wait for next years book.

We organized our desks and papers.

Then we celebrated the best way!
 A trip to the library.
It's like a trip to the candy store for my lil' book worms.

It was a quiet afternoon.

So many things to look forward to in the next couple of months.
I think we'll be cozy and read books.
Doesn't that sound delightful?

Hooray for summer!


  1. i grew up in awana and loved it. i credit it for ingraining so many Bible verses in my mind. can't wait for my kids to be old enough! and donuts??? mmm. i want some stat. yumm! happy summer!!

  2. Yay for summer! Your girls are too precious! My oldest devours books too :) I love it!
    I'll take the large chocolate donut with the sprinkles ;)
    Have a beautiful weekend my friend!

  3. nice work girl! you're all done. now go drink some coffee and don't even think about lesson planning!
    my oldest loves the library and yesterday he said that "so and so's mom" is the best mom because she probably takes her kids to the library everyday. i told him no mom does that. but, if i did would i get that title? doubt it....he's hard to impress!! have a great weekend!!

  4. sounds delightful indeed! donuts...YES!!!
    my girls recital is tomorrow and then we're FREE! :D
    have a WONDERFUL weekend!

  5. Great Day of celebrating! Congratulations to you on a wonderful year!!!! If I weren't five million miles away, I would bring you some daisies and an apple :) <3

  6. Yay! Love all of those books! What smart girls you have :)

  7. Love that you celebrated with donuts and they were sad it was over. That's awesome.

  8. just wondering...does it really call for a celebration at your house to have donuts? or does it just have to end in "y"?? that was a smarty pants comment ;) love you and your sweet tooth! love that you're ready for summer!!!! got your email this weekend...checking my august calender and calling you tomorrow. was going to try to tonight, but i had bags and laundry and sunburns to address :) love you :)