Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Fun Chore Chart!

I have been wanting to make a chore chart for the girls 
But as with many things, my need to make it 'cute' 
slows down the process.
But on my latest junking adventure I found just what I didn't know I wanted!
(hee hee)

 Remember when people had to 'punch in' at work?
I think this was a time card holder.

I couldn't wait to fill it with chores!

 I tried to think of all the household duties that make me grumpy when I see them undone.

 And I made sure to give myself a 'free card' to choose something messy that I come across.

Each card is laminated 
(with clear contact paper) so the girls can check off each task.

 At the beginning of the week they will get their chores.

 When they finish their chore they flip their card.

So glad I finished this chart just in time for summer.

Hooray for child labor!

Hope you have a productive day!


  1. I'm so jealous of you right now! If you ever find another and want to sell it...ask me first!! Great job!

  2. Nice Amy, but you forgot to put the monetary amount next to each chore, ARE paying for your child labor...aren't you?

  3. oh girl, this is super cute! i love love love it!! and your handwriting is beautiful. great job.


  5. oh my gosh! this is perfect!!! i love every bit!
    i just saw a laminater in target for only $28. i thought it might be worth it for next school year...just zip it through the machine. easy peasy.
    great work, girlie :)

  6. I love this sooo much! Genius!
    The child labor part is brilliant :) hehe

  7. This is my favorite post ever. LOVE!

  8. so glad you waited for the perfect "junk" to make it! : ) it's really amazing!!!

  9. so cute and smart too! Def going to have to make one!