Monday, June 11, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Happy Monday My Friends!

Here's to a new fresh week with a mile long 'to do' list.
All fun stuff of course!

Ya wanna know something crazy?
I didn't really take pictures this weekend.

Mainly because I was knee deep in this

 I don't know how such a small little room can take so much time!
But I'm pretty much done now

Josh worked on Saturday, so I took the girls with me to  the Vintage Whites Market.
There was some reeeeally good stuff
but it was kinda hard to get in there with my 4 sweet shopping buddies.

 But it was a treat to just get out of the house for a bit.
And of course I did score a few things . . . yippee!

While I neglected my children was busy painting,
 the girls kept themselves busy making crafts.

And here's a random picture for proof that I did feed them.
 Hello sweet peanut butter cheeks!

I hope ya'll had a delightful weekend!

I'm looking forward to a week of wrapping up 
the 8 projects I've got goen' on.

I just love having all this free time!
Isn't summer grand?

Hope you have a productive week!


  1. your weekend wrapups are more like a marathon!! i love that you're so goal orientated. love that about you. we are so the same's not even fun.

    so glad you got your painting done. not my favorite i'm sure you feel the same!

  2. That last picture is so cute. She doesn't look neglected at all. :)

  3. we had such a busy weekend i didn't put on the second coat! my daughter is a-waiting!! if my house didn't look like a trash hole i might be able to finish it today. that is if i can fill up my hubby's sock and undie drawer first!!

    i love the colors you chose!! it's so pretty and sunny!

  4. haha - can't wait to see what you're up to with all of that paint. Love the last photo :)

  5. SO glad your painting is done! I wish mine was too! It will get there.
    Oh and YES! Summer is GRAND! I love how laid back it is :)
    Have a great day my friend! xoxo

  6. Sounds like a good weekend! YES summer is awesome! We spent Friday and Sunday at the pool!

  7. I think any room that is being painted grows while it is being painted. :o) My painting days are over, "been there done that" but when I was your age I would have tackled it and never looked back. I bet your laundry room will look great when you get through.

    Your girls are just adorable! Continue enjoying your summer and have a wonderful new week!

  8. how exciting to check off things from the to do list! yippeee!
    i have like a million and one projects in my head at all times, so i really have to calm myself down and take baby steps. haha!
    we haven't finished the kitchen yet, and my bedroom needs painting, but it will get done, one check mark at a time.
    those girls are just too sweet, amy. what adorable peanut butter cheeks!
    isn't it so hard to stop in the middle of a project when your focused on finishing?
    i'm so thankful to have my older girls now...they can feed the crew and mama can keep on a workin'!!!

  9. what a cutie with her peanut butter cheeks! sometimes, with a 2 and 3 year old, i forget there will be a time when i can get things done around the house in the day, rather than after the kids are in thanks for reminding me. : ) although then, i'll be wishing they were little again. ha! your paint looks awesome.

  10. What a fun weekend! Your painting is inspiring me a bit because in the next month I have a giant amount of painting in my downstairs that I have to get done!!!! Your painting looks awesome!