Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dear Summer,

     I really like you.  You have only just begun, but I'm already extremely thankful for what you give.  I am thankful for the carefree attitude you stir, the impromptu ice cream nights with friends, and most of all the 'free' time you give.  
Thank you for the time to get projects done.

Thank you for the time to teach my girls how to help around the house.

Thank you for the time to read books

and spend hours outside working in the garden.

Thank you for the time to be spontaneous,

for picnic lunches,

and time to celebrate- like baking cookies on 
'National Peanut butter Cookie Day'
 and eat them on the porch on a rainy afternoon.

Thank you for late nights and sleeping in mornings.  Thank you for trips to look forward to and days with  nothing on the calender.  
All this to say, Summer, I really dig you!

Your Pal,


  1. We are loving summer here as well. How did I miss national peanut butter cookie day? My favorite cookies!
    Love to laundry room and that GREAT laundry basket!
    Enjoy your carefree day!

  2. i love the laundry basket, the crochet quilt, the peanut butter cookies and those measuring spoons.

    your summer looks awesome!!

    btw, not done yet with that second coat....i'm so lazy!!

  3. amen, go summer.

    that blanket! LOVE. perfect for picnics with pretty girls!

  4. your laundry room looks fab!!!
    you guys sure know how to knock out projects!
    your girls are just dreamy and so are all of these pictures!
    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SUMMER! YAY! (said in my best cheerleading voice!)
    xoxoxo :D

  5. yummo! i might have to try and make them from the photo recipe!! i love your laundry room and especially that laundry basket. I swear one of these days I'm coming down there, picking you and going junking together!!

  6. Yay for summer! PS: You have the coolest wire laundry basket ever {that's what that is, right}. xo.

  7. Oh yay for summer! I love the basket too! and I am stealing that porch swing from you! :)

  8. Yay for summer! I love it too! Especially the sleeping in part ;)
    Still jealous of your wire laundry basket. I found one here in town at an antique shop and the woman wanted $130 for it! She said it was french and I was like....AND????
    I am still searchin'.
    Your laundry room is looking fab!
    Have a beautiful day friend!

  9. don't go fast summer, don't go fast summer, don't go fast summer....

  10. Adorable little girls, delicious peanut butter cookies, a beautiful quilt and clean laundry all = a fun summer day. Cute, cute post!