Monday, April 16, 2012

Scenes From The Weekend

Gooooood Monday Morning!
Need another cup of coffee?
Me too!  
I think it's a 2 pot day, don't you?

We had another dandy weekend!

It started with a fun sleepover.

 These girls are the best of buds.
Non-stop giggles I tell you!

We did a little craft inspired by Pinterest.

 It was so fun to watch these girls all come up with their own design.

Saturday morning was filled with errands.
I managed to talk my husband into stopping at the
 Spring Fling at Pickets- another fabulous store filled with vintage goodness.

These cute sisters are friends of mine.

 They had an amazing booth.

 If you live locally, you NEED to check out all the amazing furniture Aimee and her husband create with old doors, windows, and beds.
Here's a peak into her booth:

 Good stuff I tell ya!

"We" started working on the floor.
Can I just say to the blogging world how incredibly thankful I am 
for my handy hot patient husband!
I am so stinkin' blessed!
Here's a little sneak peak at what he was working on:

 We are SO close to be finished with the kitchen.
I can't wait to bore you with a bazillion pictures of every detail.
My new kitchen makes me smile every time I walk in.
Again, so stinkin' blessed!

While Josh was busy in the kitchen, I snuck in a bit of crafting time.
My Kaitlyn was crafting with me.
Precious I tell you!

 She was sewing an apron for her doll, Mary Grace.

  I'm having so much fun with new fun fabric!

And lastly, 
I am SO pleased to announce . . .

This little cutie

 has only had one accident in a week.
Cue the choir!


I am so proud of my lil' Miss Maggie!

It was a great weekend!
I'm ready for a grrrrreat week!

Happy Monday!


  1. What a great weekend! Love Aimees booth. LOVE the mason jar light fixture. Love that your sweet daughter sews clothes for her dolls. My oldest does that too. Oh and yay for successful potty training! Happy Monday! xo

  2. Yay Maggie! That mason jar light looks great! And I wish I could shop with you - so many cute things! Looks like a great weekend!

  3. oh for the love of all things cute and happy!!!!!!!!
    the kitchen...SWOON!
    the kiddos...SWOON!
    the vintage treasures...SWOON!
    the blooms...DOUBLE SWOON!{i got about a bazillion compliments on mine at church yesterday!}
    everything...i think you get the picture!
    your joy is contagious, you know that, right?
    you always bring a SMILE to my face and i love that about you!
    the joy of the LORD is your strength and i can TELL! :)))

  4. I can't wait to have sleep overs for my girls, yours looked like so much fun!! I wish I was in the area for the Pickets, looks amazing!!!

    Have a great week!

  5. I wanna come over and play! hee hee. Looks like a fun filled, blessed weekend. Hey I am late on getting my stuff out...long hectic week and ended up with a cold then a bad migraine over the weekend. It will be shipped today, please forgive me for leaving you hanging. Oh and I can't wait to see the whole kitchen...I love the light! Have a wonderful week...oh one more thing. Your older girl sure looks like you in sweet!!! Okay...hugs, Mica

  6. That's it. I am moving to Montana and following you around to all your fabulous shops. You have no choice. You have wooed me in with your cuteness. Prepare me a bed! :)

  7. ok, the mason jar light wins the prize. and what fun to get to have a girl's slumber patay! lovely flower creations, too!

  8. I am seriously excited to see the completed kitchen photos! The flooring...and those lights...oh my goodness!!! Glad you had such a great weekend & thanks for the kind words! :)

  9. Ok no fair you have the best shopping places around!! LOVE the mason jar light and the floor oh my. Can not wait to see more pictures!
    Looks like a fun sleepover. Hope you got some sleep.

  10. What great fun you had this past weekend. Loved the pics of your sweet girlies. I thought of you yesterday when I pinned another style of these sweet vintage flower pins, check them out Amy if you want on my Pinterest "craft" board. :)

  11. love those sweet little flowers :) also so jealous of your junking hook-ups. got home late last night...we need to catch up. love ya!!