Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Happy Wednesday!

I'm linking up with my dear friend Alicia and her 
You can read all about it here.

Basically, she gives an assignment each week to help us Mommas give a little time to ourselves.
This week, she challenged us to have some alone time.

Oh  . . . .
my family knows, 
this gal needs some alone time.
If I don't have alone time I start to get a little cranky pants.
 It's not pretty. 

I thought this challenge was going to be easy peasy-
but it was a crazy busy week and it definitely was a challenge for me.
I had great plans to have a Saturday morning all to myself- 
hair cut, highlights, a lil' junk hunting-
but it just didn't work out.
So I had to sneak in a little 'mommy alone time' at home.

 So I warmed up some left over coffee

 grabbed the latest Country Living

and snuggled up with my new grannie blanket on the porch swing.

It was lovely.
I need to do this more often.
Can you give us the same challenge next week Alicia?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
I hope you're able to squeeze in a little 'me time' today!


  1. Love everything about this picture--the blanket, the coffee, and the wonderful Country Living edition! <3

  2. i think this sounds better than going out. there's something so cozy about a mag and an afghan!

  3. Looks perfect! I think I can safely do this challenge! I am leaving on Friday, 9 am KIDLESS with 2 girlfriends and will return Sunday night at 10 pm!!!! Homeschool convention, shopping, eating out, sleeping....aahhhh!

  4. That sounds so relaxing. One of my dreams is having a front porch, it looks idyllic. Rx

  5. I need to do this! I was not able to join in Alicia's challenge this week :( sadface. :(
    I do have that magazine so maybe I will try to this week!
    I love that you read Country Living. None of my (in real life) friends get it. LOL!

  6. yeah!!!!!! hello, my darling!! so glad you squeezed in a little alone time for yourself. your porch is just too adorable for words. i warm up coffee too. that's funny. it's so much faster than brewing a whole new pot. should i start stocking up on coffee now? before you come?? and what else? chocolate? anything with sugar? let me know...i'll start a list :) love you, sweets!


  7. ps: just had an oreo with my morning up of coffee...thinking of you :)

  8. Love that swing, looks like you had all you needed.
    Have a great day!