Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Kitchen Is Done!


I am finally here to share a few pics of our finished kitchen!


Be prepared.
You are about to scroll through many many pictures.

Here are a few before pics: 

 The first thing that went was this awkward corner cabinet.
Each of my girls have knocked their noggin on that thing.
 Out went this unneeded soffit. 

 Good bye blue, laminate, pealing counter tops.
 (are you starting to see why I am SO happy 
to have a pretty kitchen?) 

Enough of the ugly already!!

Are you ready for some pretty??

 Tah Dah!!

 Hello Happy!

 How about a few before and after shots?

 We moved the microwave 
and Josh built this fun plate rack.

It's fun to unload my dishwasher now.

I have always disliked this appliance closet in the corner.

 So it went bye-bye

It's amazing how much more counter space I have now!

Since we removed that awkward corner cabinet

We had room to add some open shelving to display some pretties.
 I love being able to just grab a mixing bowl when I need it.

Remember those curtains made from vintage sheets?

 Since I am now a vintage silverware hoarder
I had plenty of forks to steal an idea from Country Living.

Another little detail that makes me happy is my hardware. 

 If you ever come for a visit, you'll easily be able to find 
what you need

 in my labeled drawers.

And my green knobs are pretty happy too.

And then there's my canning jar lights.

 Have I mentioned how thankful I am for my 
handy, hot, carpenter of a husband? 

Yes, thankful I am.
I'm off to go bake some muffins in my happy kitchen!

Hope you have a very HAPPY day! 

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  1. i'm just dying right now. seriously. your re-do is super super super the most awesome cutest kitchen ever. all the way from the mason jar lighting to the mismatch bar chairs all the way to the green and white checkered floor. it's all so amazing. i'm in love. you did such a good job. i might not be able to stop gushing. oh must be sooooo happy. it's not even my kitchen and i'm in love...

    ooh, but i'm almost done with my bedroom re-do. you'll love it, i know!!!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS AMY!Holy gorgeous!! Wowza! When I have a kitchen, you and your husband are coming and going to redo it. Even if it isnt that bad! Ha! I LOVE those curtains. Love love love. and I love the fork! So creative!

  3. WOW!! i'm speechless! its stunning!! and I could move in tomorrow and not change a thing!! I love the fork idea and the red and the open shelves and whats on the shelves and I loooooove the canning jar lights!

  4. Too cute, such a happy place! The counter tops are beautiful, Josh did a great job! And did you take a page out of my book and paint the walls a soft blue? I think having a kitchen you love to be in makes life better! Great job!

  5. Wow!! I am in LOVE with your kitchen!! We have been looking for over a year for a new home and I keep telling my husband if we do not find something soon I may have to do something to the kitche while we are still looking. After seeing your new kitchen I am not sure how long I can wait. I love all of your vintage finds and your lights oh my! I will be back later to visit your kitchen with my hubby.
    Have a great Thursday!

  6. Love Love Love Love! Great Job!

  7. This is one thing I am going to say OMG to. This is absolutely amazing. Your husband is a magician...I LOVE it all Amy! You are one "Lucky" girl. If I have my own kitchen one day I want one like yours. Yes, I am coveting. i will repent. It is magically beautiful. Your man did awesome work. I love all the details The shelves with pretties, the plate rack, the counters, that floor..the sweet lighting...GENIOUS...and the sweet curtains with silverware. I need you to come over wherever we move and help me. What shall I bring for dinner tonight? Thanks for sharing. It really is beautiful. Hugs...Mica

  8. say wha!?!
    you two are theee DYNAMIC DUO!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE what you have done.
    seriously. it's so bright, cheery, happy....ummmmm...YOU! :)

  9. I am back. I just had to say...This is magazine worthy. Tell Josh. XOXO

  10. ok........i am totally TEARING UP FOR YOU! i'm scrolling thru this pics and my heart is just brimming for you!!! oh, sweet friend!! yeah yeah yeah! ok, i'm sounding like an idiot now, but seriously!!!!!

    alicia's top 3 things about amy's awesome kitchen:
    -the pulls with the labels
    -the bright and cheery white everywhere!!
    -the flooring! (which is IDENTICAL to the 1930's dream house i'm eyeing right now)

    ok. we must talk soon. i am SO excited to have coffee in that kitchen next june!!!

  11. your new kitchen
    is delightfully delicious now

    i adore the white paint
    and butcher block counters
    and all those fun pops of color

    thanks for sharing
    at Fridays Unfolded!


  12. oh em gee. it is so stunning. the floors, the plate rack, the lighting, the stools, all of it. well done to you and your man!!! i kinda want it for myself. : )

  13. I gasped when I saw the first photo! And then my mouth stayed open the rest of the time! SOOOOOO amazing and beautiful! I love every. single. detail. Just wow. Your hubby is awesome. Awesome I say!!!
    I agree with Carissa, I want it for myself too. ;)

  14. You hit in the nail, as soon as you paint a kitchen cabinet in white, it inmediately gives a different elegant clean look to a kitchen, you made a wonderful job, so with the flooring and the accessories, the lighting is perfect. Thank you for the pictures.

  15. Soo cute! I love everything you did....I would be totally at home in this kitchen! Such clever ideas everywhere! Great job!

  16. Oh, my goodness! I love your kitchen! I love white cabinets and yours look so pretty. Love your counters and all your accessories! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. wow, your kitchen has been had over to be so bright and cheery! Just love your open storage.... the shelves and plate rack! wonderful job!
    dee Dee

  18. I love everything you've done in your "new" kitchen. It's so perky and bright. I can see why you call it happy. It certainly is.
    Mary Alice

  19. This kitchen just makes me smile! What a fantastic transformation! The vintage details are just sooo sweet! Love the chalboard and plate holder! Great job!

    Bonnie @ uncommon

  20. This is just the cutest kitchen! Love the new floor, the green knobs and new hardware, the cabinets and countertops. All of it! And I just adore the vintage stool chairs! I admit it. I'm in love with your kitchen. Now a follower!

  21. What a wonderful cheery space, my friend. Job well done! It fits you so perfectly! Have SO much fun in there!!! Cooking will be WAY more fun now! Even the dishes I could probably stand to do! Love you girlie! Have a great weekend!

  22. Oh my goodness! I am blown away! I love love love everything you have done! So fresh! So cheery! I love the floor and all of the special accents. You seriously knocked it out of the park my dear friend! What a change! Can I move in? Xoxo

  23. Oh wow! This is awesome! I am doing my kitchen now too. I also said bye bye to the ugly laminate! Your kitchen is amazing. I hope mine comes out even close! Have a great weekend. Feel free to stop by my blog and see my projects. .Heather

  24. WOW! Amy - your kitchen is BEEEEEE-UTIFUL! Seriously, amazing! You and your hubby did such a fantastic job- it's perfect!!

  25. Oh my Amy, I love it all! You didn't point out the floor, but I noticed and I love it!!

  26. Beautiful transformation, Amy! I like the shelves you put in where the cabinet was. Love the plate rack, too. Love the white on your cabinets. My daughter has a similar layout in her kitchen and I know that some day she'd like to do her cabinets white. Painting will be part of that budget conscious makeover.

    visiting from Feathered Nest Friday! : )

  27. So cute....LOVE IT ALL! Favorites is the forks and the gum ball are very talented!!

  28. I love this!! It is absolutely lovely and has so much charm and character. Those silverware curtain holders are super clever! You did an amazing job transforming your kitchen and we are so glad you shared it with us at Inspiration Friday! :-)

  29. Oh my goodness...I LOVE your kitchen redo!!!!! It looks fabulous!!!!

  30. Aaah that looks SO nice and refreshed! I just painted some cabinets in our house and it just makes a huge difference. I hope you will share this (and any other rooms) at my new "May House Par-tay" at! I also would love for you to enter "Pin It and Win It Wednesday" where you can win free ad space on my blog!

  31. Your kitchen is the cutest most charming thing evah! Love the colors and those cute vintage stools. My grandmother used to have one and I would sit on it when I visited. Y'all have thought of every detail. Would love you to join my Wow Us Wednesdays party some time if you haven't. This is definitely a Wow.

  32. Amazing make-over! I saw your post being featured on two blog parties, so I had to come over and see ;)
    Love it all!
    Greetings from Australia♥

  33. ... I'm also your newest follower. I'd love if you'd follow me too :)

  34. LOVE your kitchen transformation! It is so bright and fresh and cherry! I love the green and reds and the shelf brackets... so fun!

    Visiting from Would love for you to stop by!

  35. I heart your kitchen redo from your fork hardware to your fun plate rack!

    ~Mimi B~

  36. I think I pretty much LOVE EVERY THING about your kitchen!! The vintage details are amazing and just what I am inspiring to do in my newish kitchen. Bring some great charm in!!! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  37. This is a BEAUTIFUL kitchen!! You and your hubby did an amazing job!! I love the colors..white, red and green!! I love the mismatch stools and the floors, the plate rack, the mason lights, the enamel light, well...lets just say everything! Do you have an idea of how much this cost to redo? Did you end up having to do anything major?
    PS. I pinned your kitchen to my that ok??

  38. Those library drawer pulls are GENIUS! It is all just gorgeous and fun!

  39. Oh my...this is one charming makeover!!! Love how you removed the corner cabinet...made the new plate rack...added the mason jar lights and silverware hooks are just too darn cute!!!


  40. Wow!!! Your kitchen is AMAZING! It's so cheery and fun. I LOVE it.

    Is your flooring the armstrong VCT? I really really like it. I've been telling my hubs that I want to do this flooring in our house and he's not sure so far. Would love to hear your experience! Did you have it professional polished or do it yourself???


  41. I am in love with all you have done!

  42. Two words ...
    LOVE IT!
    Followed from a pic (your fork curtain tie back) to here - so excited to see the where it all fits into your gorgeous kitchen make over!
    Got the thumbs up from me :)
    Karen, Victoria Australia

  43. SO beautiful!! We are acutally about to start our kitchen.. and we have an ugly appliance hider in a corner, too. HOW did you get rid of it? I've been searching on ways to cut it out of there without doing too much damage and want to do it right, because we only have one chance! :D