Friday, March 16, 2012

An Interview With Serena Thompson!

If you know me, you know that I have a major love for old junk.

You also know that I have been to Farm Chicks a few times.
(you can read about my last adventure to Farm Chicks HERE and HERE)

You would also know that I really admire Serena Thompson.

Well, a few weeks ago she offered to answer any questions we have as a fun, grass roots way to promote her latest
(and AMAZING) endeavor

So you KNOW I was all over that like chocolate with peanut butter.

I tell you, this gal is amazing!
She is super successful and SO down to earth.
She has such a heart to help others start their dreams.
And that's what MY FAVORITE FIND is all about!
I was blessed to have a sneak peak-
and all I can say is WOW!  
You're gonna LOVE it and you're gonna be HOOKED!

So here's the little interview:

1.When you first started dreaming about My Favorite Find, what were the first steps you took to make this dream seem achievable? 
I spent about a year planning it out in my mind, and talking about it with my husband, Colin.  I knew it was going to be a huge project, so not only did I want to be prepared on a site content level, I also wanted to be mentally prepared for the amount of time and work that was going to be involved.  Once I was at that point, I hired my team of developers to bring it all to life.  What we've created is My Favorite Find, which is sort of like a virtual show-and-tell.  You can seek, find, and share local shoppes, events like yard sales, auctions, antiques shows and more, and then show-and-tell your finds.  Nothing like this was out there, until now.  I'm really excited about it.

2.Do you struggle with self doubt and if yes, how do you not let it hold you back?
Yes! All the time.  I'm constantly questioning every business decision before I make it.  I don't like to fail.  I think my upbringing helps me with what I do because life wasn't easy and I had to make it something on my own.  I think when you deal with adversity, you learn to dig deep within yourself and just make things happen.  If there's a problem, you just deal with it and move on.

3.With starting a new business, what is the best way to get your name out there?
You need to have an online presence.  And, this is one of the huge reasons why I created My Favorite Find - it's an opportunity for businesses to get their names out there, to their perfect demographic.

4. What is the biggest risk you've taken with your business? 
 I've taken a lot of risks, and you have to in business if you want to succeed.  One of the biggest that I've taken is in a Farm Chicks product line, which I'm still waiting to see come to life.  Business is like a roller coaster - you just need to learn how to stomach the ride.

5.I'm sure you get asked this a lot, with all the time demands of starting a new business adventure, how do you balance with the needs of your family?  
I try to keep anything Farm Chicks related in my office, so I don't see it and then think about work.  Most days I start work when the boys leave for school and finish up before they get home.

6.  Do you have any words of wisdom for all the gals who have a dream, but their fears are holding them back?
You can spend your life dreaming or doing.  Heaven only knows I'm a huge dreamer, but I know I have to act on those dreams to bring them to life.  I don't ever want to look back on what I could have done and have regrets.

Amen Sistah!!

Oh I hope you're as inspired as I am!

So don't forget to check out 
on Monday!

Have a marvelous weekend!


  1. well, that is just super cool!
    my daughter just checked out the farm chicks cookbook form the library!
    there are some AMAZING recipes in there!
    ok...someday we are going to HAVE to find a way to do a girls junkin' weekend or something. for real!
    that would be so much fun!

  2. Thanks so much, Amy. I had such a nice time getting to visit with at the show and hope I'll get to see you again. I'm so happy to have you take part in my big dream.
    Love, Serena

  3. I just looked at your old Farm Chicks posts and you have a photo of my "Keep Calm and Buy Vintage" sign! We will definitely have to meet in person this year at the show! Do you come junking here often? I am loving my new flower pin too! Thanks so much!

  4. So nice to know she struggles with self doubt too. Great interview.

  5. i want to be a doer! : ) what an awesome interview.