Monday, June 6, 2011

Farm Chicks was FABULOUS!!!!

I'm back from my absolutely amazing trip to the Farm Chicks in Spokane.  
I would have posted sooner, but it's been sunny- so I've been outside working in the garden.  
Yep. I'm a total garden nerd.  
I weeded all day yesterday and have the sunburn to prove it. 
But let's get to the good stuff, shall we?
Grab a bowl of ice cream because I have LOTS of pictures.

Let's head to . . .

Here's Grace and I at the beginning of our adventure
We were a wee bit excited- can you tell?

So I haven't told you the COOLEST part of my Farm Chick adventure.
Since I am a vendor at Station 8, Collete blessed me with the opportunity to go with her and be her helper- Grace too!
So not only did we get to go to Farm Chicks, but we were able to go the day before and watch the magic unfold!!
And we had official name tags!!!
Ok, all the vendors did.
But I still felt special being a part of this amazing show.
So here's the "work outfits" for our work day.

And we did work.
But it was FUN work- unloading all of Collete's treasures from her trailer was like Christmas day!
So as we helped, we also were able to wander and watch and shop the other vendors.

Everywhere you looked, there was
It was amazing what these vendors created- it was like

and everything is

You couldn't help but

( yeah! this was Vintage Whites Market's space- it was beautiful!)

We stayed at the best place- our Aunt Mary's.
But there are
Or if you wanted to save your cash for goodies, you could always find a
As you walk around, it's easy to get overwhelmed.
I'm not kidding when I say that it is ALL amazing.
So if I started to hyperventilate, I just remembered to
**** EDIT- If you love this sweet embroidered piece as much as I do, you can buy it here!  ****
I highly suggest you find a way to come to next year's show.
I would be happy to give you a ride
Everyone is so friendly and cheerful.
And there are plenty of
It was so fun to actually meet a few gals who I follow their blogs.
Like the Funky Junk Sisters!

And Heather Bullard from Flea Market Style with the Farm Chick herself Serena Thompson!

And the highlight of my trip
One of my favorite parts of this AMAZING weekend, was being blessed by chatting with Serena.
Here's the thing:
She is a very busy woman.  
Grace and I happened to see her and she stopped and talked with us.
Not just a "hello, nice to meet you " chat.
But a real chat.
We talked about being a busy mom and needing these weekends away to rejuvenate.
She understood and she's been there.
It was so refreshing to meet this gal who I have always thought of as a friend,
(after all these years of reading her blog)
and she was as sweet as ever.
Lo and behold- A normal, down to earth gal.
She was a beautiful reminder that it's ok to 
I had so much fun this weekend.  
I am thankful for Collette who gave me the gift of this weekend.
I am thankful for a weekend to be inspired and come back a refreshed momma.
It was SO MUCH

Tomorrow I'll show you how the Station 8 booth turned out (amazing!)
and the goodies that came home with me!

 Hope you scooped an extra large bowl of ice cream for that extra long post!


  1. oh, how fun!!! i went to the junk bonanza in mpls last fall and it's a lot like that. i actually met serena and heather there too! it was so fun!! can't wait to see what you bought :)

  2. OoH! Love it! I do need to make that trip next year.

  3. Amy dearest, You told the story of the weekend so sweetly--did you kow you rock as a photographer?? Thanks for being on my team!!!
    Love you!

  4. Loved your post...I have been waiting for postings, since I didn't make it to Farm Chicks.
    Thanks for sharing!!! Cheers...Agnes

  5. Amy, I just found your post and love all the great photos from the was so much fun. I can't believe it but I was one of the lucky winners at Serena's giveaway! Looking forward to seing you at the Vintage Whites Market in July and at Station 8.