Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy Friday My Friends!

Can I just say  . . .

my heart is so full!
I received the sweetest and most encouraging comments yesterday.
I was so nervous about putting my knitty gritty out there,
but ya'll know how to lift a sistah up! 

Can I also say . . .
We need to be nicer to ourselves!
So many of you shared that you experienced many of the same thoughts and negative thoughts in general.
I have to admit, that I was a wee bit relieved that I was not the only goofball who struggles with this,
but it also hurt my heart tremendously to hear that we all do this to ourselves.
So let's guard our hearts and be armed with scripture so that we can drown out the negativity.
You in?
Ok, hands in . . . 
On three . . . so long negativity!
See you later alligator!!

Ok, now that you're all pumped up, I have one more thing for you.
I LOVE music.
This is THE morning song in our household.
Just about every morning, I BLAST this song 
to get our morning started right.
I was planning on sharing a video of 
me making the girls dance with me,
but I think I've been vulnerable enough this week.
Just picture me busting a few junior high moves- 
oh yeah . . . I can still rock the 'Roger Rabbit'

So before you hit play, 
I want you to turn your computer volume up as loud as it will go, 
stand up, 
HEY- I mean it- stand up!
and get ready to shake what your momma gave you!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!


  1. I don't think the others in the library would appreciate me blasting the video you posted right now, but I will later when I get home! Have a great weekend, Amy!

  2. Hahahaha doing the "Happy Dance"!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Lol, yay! My husband was just like- "Kendall, what are you so smiley about?" I guess I was smiling really big when readin this post!!

    Just wanted to share that with you :)

  4. Personally, I am going to stalk you now until I see footage of you doing the Roger Rabbit. Have a great weekend, my sweet friend!

  5. Happy Friday!!
    Have a great weekend. Supposed to be all rainy here. Can't wait to see all the fun things you all did!!

  6. oh, my are hilarious!!! it's 11:19pm, so i'm a little tired to shake it, but believe me...tomorrow am it's ON!! :)

    ps: need to talk to you soon! it's been too long :)

  7. Yes! We need a video of you dancing!!!
    and by the way....I am soooo in!

  8. i have always loved mandisa... even from her AI days... GREAT song! we are way into music around here, too!