Tuesday, January 3, 2012

You Might Be A Redneck . . .

 . . . if instead of throwing away your
gingerbread house 
like normal people

you set it up outside to use as a target for the  BB gun.

 I highly overestimated the strength of a BB.

 It didn't do much damage.

Oh dear.
Thankfully we are back into the swing of things with school and will have less time on our hands.

Oh and mom,
we did use it as a lesson to review gun safety with the girls.

And it was just a wimpy BB gun.
Hope you have a marvelous day!

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  1. Oh Amy...I've just finished viewing all your recent posts, such fun photos. Love, love the ice skating rink, what a great idea, is this the first winter you guys have done this? I learned how to skate at very young age back in New England where I was born. Your prep for Christmas looked like so much fun, baking, decorating, etc. Loved the "friends/bonfire" post, looks like a great group of folks to hang out with. You are blessed...isn't the Lord grand and faithful to us. Happy New Year Amy!