Friday, January 13, 2012

There Will Always Be Laundry

Happy Friday To You!

The other day I was DETERMINED to get the laundry done.
I'm really good at starting laundry,
then leaving a load in the washer and dryer a few days.
Then I have to rewash the load in the washer . . .

So I was going to do it!
ALL the laundry in one day.
Nothing was going to stop  me.

Then my sweet girls asked if they could ice skate.
Addy just got her new skates.
The weather has been oddly warm, so the rink has been a pond.
But it finally got cold and the rink was solid.
Oh  . . .  but I was SOOOOO close with the laundry . . . 
But a wise man said
"There will be laundry tomorrow"


So off we went and I am SO glad I took the time to play.
Addy was awesome on her new skates.

 And I had to include this one of the hubsters.
It was a big wipe out.

Hope you get a chance to play 
with your family this weekend!


  1. Addy is SO sweet! I'd skate over laundry any day! Finally able to comment on blogger again thanks to Google Chrome. Where do you find ice skates? Just wondering if they sell them where you live or if you have to get them online. I don't think anyone sells them here. :)

  2. Great change in activities! I got ice skates for Christmas and only got to use them twice before the warm up. Now that we're back to cold temps the ice has frozen over again. Hopefully will get to use them this weekend!

  3. So true...our kids will only be this age once...but there will always be laundry and housework to do.

    I found you from Alicia at la nice to meet you :)