Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Don't Ya Love A Doily?

Since tomorrow is February,
I thought it was high time to break out a few 
Valentine decorations.
When I got my small box of Valentine decor down
I was not impressed with what I had.
Ho hum . . .
So I decided to jazz it up with a few doilies!

 I gathered some of my vintage Valentine cards and 
attached them to a doily.

 I love how wonderfully cheesy they are!

I clothes-pinned them to some twine to make a quick banner.

If you're a Pinterest reader (and who's not?!?) you've seen this fun idea from this creative gal.
 Does it get any easier?
Old jars, a doily, felt and twine
Have I convinced you to go get a package of doilies yet? 

As I was cleaning up my mess, 
I had another idea!
So instead of starting dinner
I grabbed a few supplies.

 I made a quick wreath form out of a small paper plate.

 I wrapped it with red yarn and made a few rosettes with the doilies.

And made the quickest doily-lovin' wreath!

I do love a doily.
Not to mention how they can so easily jazz up a plate of cookies!
Hope you get a chance to be creative today!

I'll be linking up with a few creative gals!
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  1. Oh how cute!! I'm glad you didn't start dinner because that wreath is just precious!!

  2. i am SO going doily shopping today!
    that wreath is so cute!

  3. Was going to do those mason jars from Pinterest too!!!! :) LOVE!

  4. I LOVE the vintage cards! SO cute! And that wreath! what a great idea. I might be stealing it from you :)

    1. (sorry i have to keep replying to leave a comment...it is the only way it will let me! grr)

      Love the projects. And I don't have a lot of Valentine's day decor so I might have to whip some of these up. I already have some red yarn and who doesn't have paper plates (?) so I just need the doilies!

      You always have wonderful ideas- keep'em coming!

  5. So very sweet...love all 3 of the doily ideas :) Laurel

  6. this is so funny... we have a piano and i did the SAME thing. i will post pictures friday. we have great minds, don't we?! : )

  7. Oh, my dear friend...you have come such a long way and I'm so proud of you. Oh, my...I sound like your grandma or something. But, seriously...way to branch out and just try it all...You're amazing!!! Love the vintage valentine ideas! Now, where in the world did you "junk" to find those???

  8. Oh, my word...I worked, it worked!!! I just had to try it again and since it worked I had to comment again!

    Hope you don't get tired of hearing from me! Love you ~

  9. Adorable! Love the wreath, it is too cute!

  10. you are just so smart! i love it all. you just whipped that wreath up didn't you?? amazing!

  11. Love the doilies!!! I've never seen doily rosettes, but now I will have to try them!!