Monday, December 19, 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

Merry Christmas!

My Oh My! 
How is it Monday already?
Did your weekend just fly by?

We had a fun and productive weekend.
It started with a bit of fresh snow.

And a lot of Christmas baking.

 Can anything with that combo taste bad?
Mmmmm . . . . chocolate peanut butter fudge.

 Of course we had quality control.
It comes with the job. 


While the girls were busy in the kitchen,
my hubbie was busy building an ice skating rink in the backyard.

he's a really fun daddy.

We also went to a Christmas party.
This is no ordinary Christmas party.
My best bud throws it every year 
and it is the 
funnest and craziest party of the year.
Alisha and Matt always organize some type of scavenger hunt 
that sends us scurrying all over town.
And my friends are quite competitive- 
which makes it even  more fun.
Here was my team
 Josh was lucky enough to be the only boy in a team of hot chicks.

 I love the way my friends keep it crazy fun-
running around like we're still in college
even though we're all in our 30's .
Keeps us young in heart.

 I am incredibly blessed by such a great group of friends.
Since my immediate family lives so far away,
these guys have become like family to me.

So stinkin' blessed.

Hope you all have a wild and crazy 
start to your week!

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  1. what a fun group! i love that your family lives far away too and your friends are like family...cause that seems to be the trend here too. or i can see it going that way, whenever we get friends :)
    also, the ice skating rink???? um.... SO COOL!!! i love ice skating!