Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let's Roll

Merry Christmas!

So yesterday was an interesting day.
I get out of the shower to find
my cute husband emailed me this picture.
I guess I forgot to add the coffee when prepping the night before.
But after consuming some real coffee,
I was ready to hit it hard.
I had our lessons planned down to the the minute.
We were going to bust a move in the classroom.

Then Clara's tummy started hurting again.

Alright, we can adjust.
Quick change in plans.
Kaitlyn and I will hit it hard in the classroom.

Five minutes later,
Kait started throwing up.

All the while, my sweet Maggie wants Kix for breakfast.
We're out of Kix.

 She really wanted Kix.
She couldn't deal with Cheerios.
She stayed under her crib like that for quite a while.

Believe me sistah!
At this point I wanted to hide under the covers too.

Thirty minutes later

I convinced her to eat Cheerios.
She ate them grudgingly.

It was about this point in my day 
when I realized I had a choice.
I could be grumpy and impatient with my circumstances.
Or I could roll with the punches.
It's getting a bit easier for me to let go 
when things don't go as  planned.

And it ended up being a dandy day.
(minus the throwing up)

So if you wouldn't mind lifting us up in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it.
I reeeeeeeally don't want to deal 
with a 2 year old throwing up.

 Hooray for a new day!


  1. Ummmm...throw up is just the worst worst worst. I hope you have a better day with no throw up!! Xo, Alicia :)

  2. Praying for your family dear friend! Hope today is a better day for all! Love ya, Dawn