Monday, October 10, 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

Goooood Monday Morning to you!
Hope ya had a relaxing weekend!

I had a wonderfully relaxing weekend.
My sweet mother- in- law took the girls
so I could get some crafting done.
I got A LOT done
but it doesn't look like it.
So many unrealistic goals . . . 
Doesn't it always work out that way?

Since I didn't spend much time with my family on Saturday,
I made sure to spend some quality time with them on Sunday.

This sweet girl went to her first costume birthday party 
for her 'own' friend.

Her sisters didn't go with her and that was so special for her.

After we got back from the party,
we headed to Glacier Park for a little Fall frolic in the woods.
I LOVE this park during Fall- the colors weren't quite at their peak yet.
But still so beautiful!

 I love being outdoors with my family.

 I love exploring the beauty of God's creation together.

We hit a pizza joint on the way home.
Then watched the Packers WIN!

It was a wonderful weekend.

Now I'm off and running . . . .
I've got a BIG craft mess to clean  up in the classroom!

Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. HELLLLLOOOO!!! i've missed you! your weekend looks better than mine, which was in a car! :) looks like you're having a great fall, my friend. love you!

  2. Hi, i've been reading your blog for a while now and love it! reading this one you mentioned Glacier Park and now I want to know where you are!!! I am in Fernie BC which isn't far from Glacier Park ......