Friday, October 28, 2011

Best Buds

I could hear the giggles from inside.
  My girls were enjoying the beauty of this season
and having so much fun!
They were so loud they woke Maggie up from her nap.

 I am so thankful that my girls are such good friends.

 They truly are best buds. 
It delights my heart to watch them play.
So thankful for my girls!

Hope you have a delightful weekend!


  1. Amy...I didn't realize you lived so near, rats, I had plenty of time of my hands and would of loved to have met you and visit your home. Boo!!! I spent a total of three weeks in Whitefish this past month...bummer. I see hunters all over around here, hope your hubby gets his critter.

    Your girls looked like they were having a blast in those leaves, so fun, we did the same thing growing up in New England.

  2. my kids are super close too. i think a lot of it is because they are forced to play, cause with homeschooling they're all they've got, you know?? i love it!

  3. Amy...thanks for your comment. I was born in Stoughton Mass. Have you heard of that little town or been there? Glad you enjoyed your time in Boston, so much history, my entire family lives around the Boston area, only sis and I live out west. :)