Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Would You Like A Tour?

Howdy Friends!
Thought you might like to take a peak into our classroom.
It's where we spend most of our time these days. 
(warning: lots of pictures)

It started out as a garage.
 A messy garage that also served as my hubbie's office.
But when we decided to homeschool, 
I knew I needed a separate space to stay sane.
So my handy husband built me one.

 He scraped popcorn ceiling.
 He gave me a window.
 He raised the floor so it wouldn't feel like a converted garage.
He dry-walled and painted.
He built me a classroom.
He's the best.
(and yes, I know I'm spoiled blessed)

So here's how it looks now.

I took this picture standing in the same spot as the first picture.
A wee bit different, ya think?
 I LOVE this coat rack/baskets I bought at Farm Chicks.
Each girl will have their own spot for jackets, backpacks, 
hats, gloves  . . .
 This cabinet holds curriculum up top and games on the bottom.

 I reeeeally like to have vintage touches throughout the house.
It makes me happy.

This card catalog  was such a score.
I got it for free.  Yep Freeeeeee!
Every crafter needs one.
It keeps all my supplies organized and I always know where to find something.
Because each drawer is LABELED.

 I made these fun boards to display the girls artwork.

 Did you notice my sweet burlap pillow?
My friend Alicia made it.
You should check out her Etsy shop.  
She is so talented and has been such a blessing to me.
In fact, she was the one who encouraged me to start my blog 
and she was my very first follower.
I'm thankful for my sweet friend.

I have a serious adoration for old maps.
I also have a world map waiting to be hung. 
Aren't they beautiful?

Well, that's where we spend our days.
This addition has been such a blessing to our family.
I am thankful for my husband who built it for me.
I'm thankful God led me to homeschooling.
And now I'm off to get me 'teacher-face' on.

Hope you  have a splendid day!

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  1. LOVE your room! I can't believe the transformation. Don't we all love an amazing before and after? :)

    Seriously fabulous...you should be proud of yourself and your handy husband!!

  2. oh ms. amy...i just love you girl. i need to do a post...just.about.YOU! thanks for the props and i am having MAJOR homeschool classroom envy right now!! i have a handy hubby too and isn't that terrific!!? i am in love with all your vintage touches. was thinking maybe farm chicks should be our meetup place...hmmm..

  3. LOVE it! He did an awesome job and you deserve the space! Happy Homeschooling! Mica /The Child's paper

  4. Thank you for your sweet words on my blog yesterday. in the midst of this time, I was able to take a couple of hours out this morning for a little sunshine in my day and went to the Junk Bonanza. So fun to come home with the top 3 things on my list: vintage globe, vintage white scale and pull-down classroom map of the USA. I'll share soon. Hope you are having a blessed day. :)

  5. So gorgoeous! Your room came out wonderful!! Fantastic job!! Would love for you to come share this at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  6. so proud of you that you are a homeschooling mom of 4 girls! And this room looks amazing!

  7. LOVE THIS! Featured you on my blog in my Friday Finds post: http://diykindagirl.blogspot.com/2011/09/friday-finds.html :)

  8. What a wonderful room. Your hubby is a handy guy and he allowed for all you wished for in this transformation. I admire you for homeschooling your children. If I had little ones, I would certainly do the same.

    Thank you so much for linking to Potpourri Friday. Your participations makes the party more special!

  9. Wow! What a fabulous room ... congrats on homeschooling. You both did a wonderful job on this incredible transformation! Your kiddos are very fortunate. *Becca* (your newest follower by way of 2805)


  10. That is just so amazing! You and your hubby make a good team and the transformation is incredible. I absolutely love all of your vintage touches and think you created the perfect place for learning and fun! My sister is a homeschooling mom also so I will have to send her over here! Thank you so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  11. OOooo LOVE IT!!! Where did you get the map??? I so need one for our school room!


  12. This is just the best!!! What a wonderful space to teach your children. This is so inspiring me to make more of an effort in having a more specific homeschool space in our home!

  13. Love the room. Great job!

    DROOLING over the pencil sharpener!

  14. Great room...how did you label your card catalog? Did you remove the rod and glue the knob? I have one and I'm not sure what to do with it! lyndalhcropshop@gmail.com.....my blog is lyndaoflakeland.blogspot.com

  15. Where did you get the "our family will..." plaque