Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's the Little Things

Some days, it's the little things that bring a smile to your face.
Like your eager 4 year old
 who is SO excited to do school.

It's cheerful learners
who make my job fun.

It's feeling like a rock star
 because dinner is already cooking.

It's enjoying the last of summer's blooms
while getting excited for Fall.

It's a trunk full
 of vintage goodies.

Hope you're enjoying the little things today!


  1. that is blissful indeed...So happy for you. Have a great remainder of the week...Looks like fun...I'll be right over...Mica

  2. Stopping by to say hello, I've been away too long. I've worked more hours at the shop this summer. Did you happen to catch my last post about the shop closing it's doors for good. So sad, I've enjoyed my summer job so much.

    Loved viewing your photos...the classroom is amazing, great job, you're such a great decorater!!! Your family photos are delightful, family is such a blessing!!!

  3. It's so nice to meet you...I have a four year old Addison as well - just spelled a little differently! You have a beautiful family...just dying to know where you live! Close enough to visit Farm Chicks...I browsed through your blog and we could totally be friends - so much in common!


  4. these are not little things...they are AWESOME THINGS!! sophie's doing those same worksheets and she loves them! and your dinner cooking is wonderous! and your carload of goodies is making my heart ache that i'm moving even farther away :( we could have such a blast scrounging around. i neeeed pics of your station 8 space. love that little corner of yours :)