Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Starting To Think About School

We have 2 more weeks of summer left
and we are going to make the MOST of it.
We still have 17 things to do on our summer list!
And even though I'm not ready for school to start,
I am starting to get excited for it.

I got the first box of curriculum last week.

 So FUN!!
Last year I made the decision to homeschool towards the end of summer.
 I received our books about 5 days before school started.
So I'm excited to have a little more time to plan ahead this year.

Since all the stores are loaded with 'Back To School' stuff,
I decided to revamp my space at Station 8.
Wanna take a peek?
 I've had so much fun collecting fun  vintage back to school items.

I have a thing for old maps and globes.
And do you see my lunch trays?
So fun!
I kept 4 of these for home.

 I love the creative outlet my space gives me.
I get to go junkin' and craft for 'work.'
I'm pretty stinkin' thankful!
God is good!!!

Hope you have a happy day!

1 comment:

  1. SHUT UP!! LOOOOOVE your space! I'm coming and gonna buy every last thing! love your banner and the little desk. SO FUN!

    Also, I"m glad you just got your books. Makes me feel better. I got mine a couple weeks ago, but haven't cracked one...haven't planned a thing. Kind of stresses me out....eek!! Summer's over :(