Monday, August 8, 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

Happy Monday Morning to you!
And you and you and you!
(can you tell I've already had a few cups of coffee?)

We had a splendid weekend visiting our ol' stomping grounds
to witness my beautiful cousin marry  her best friend.
It was a weekend full of family- 
the best way to spend a weekend!

Jenny and Dermot were married in the cathedral. 
What a beautiful spot to start your marriage!

The beautiful bride and Uncle Ray

I love this picture.
I think they were a wee bit happy.

After the wedding, we took a little detour to Dairy Queen.
It was also a special day for Maggie.
She turned 2!!

The flower girls with their princess.

The reception was held at the sweetest barn.
It was perfect.

The room was full of love and lots of dancing.

It was a fairytale wedding.
Blessings to you Jenny and Dermot!!

When we got home we celebrated Maggie's birthday.
We have a lil' tradition of birthday donuts.

 I thought she was going to eat that ginormous thing sprinkle by sprinkle.
But she finally dove in.

We love you Maggie Moo!

Can't believe she is already 2.
I'm off to spend some intentinal time with my girls.
This is going by too fast.
My heart aches knowing that before we know it,
we will be planning her fairytale wedding.

Go play with your kids!

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  1. did you forget to post this yesterday?? :) well, HAPPY BDAY MAGGIE! what a sweetie and what an adorable niece you have! i shoulda had my wedding reception in a barn...too fun!