Friday, August 5, 2011

The Reveal!

Hooray for Friday!
Hope you have fun plans for the weekend!

Consider yourself lucky that I can't upload any new pictures.
I might have shown you my toes.
I got a pedicure yesterday!
It was lovely.
I had the gift certificate for a year and a half!
Thanks Tawnya!
It's amazing how cute toes 
can make you feel cute all over.

Anyways . . . . moving right along.

Here are a few pictures of our first sweet lil' house.
We spiffed her up on quite the tight budget so we were challenged to be creative.
Lot's of dust and paint .

 Don't ya just love bead-board?
Here's the bathroom minus a wall, peach paint and shell wallpaper.

LOVED my extra storage.

 Here's how the (dreaded) red wall turned out.

 Oh cluttery baby decor . . .

The dining room with two precious accessories. 

 The girls room- minus the whale wallpaper.

 The upstairs landing- minus Winnie the Poo wallpaper and the fun retro linoleum.

 Our cozy (read tiny) bedroom.

 Here's the lovely gold kitchen floor
that was under the icky brown carpet.
Looking back, I don't know why we didn't just keep it.
 The wood floor peeking through LAYERS of flooring, glue and grime.
 It really pays to have a cute husband.
 I mean . . . it pays to have a handy husband.
Who you can pay in kisses and beer.

Instead of ripping off more wallpaper
(my least favorite job)
we (read Josh) installed more bead board.
Love that stuff!
Instant cuteness!
 Hello cute diaper buns!
 Before the spiffing up,
I had to ROLL my dishwasher over to the sink and hook it up to the faucet.
It was a pain in the keaster.

Loved that lil' house.
Thanks for going down memory lane with me.
It's sweet to be reminded of how quickly time goes.
And crazy to see how your style has changed.

Hope you get a chance to slow down this weekend.

Blessing to you!


  1. i LOVE how you got down to the original floor in the kitchen! love wood floors in the kitchen :) you had an adorable house...lots of cute character. hope you're having fun with your fam!

  2. What a great loking place! I love the (dreaded) red wall, and hardwood floors are definately my fave in every room...