Friday, August 19, 2011

Having Fun Being Creative

"To live a creative life,
we must lose our fear of doing wrong."
   ~Joseph Chilton Pearce

Until recently, I had a hard time crafting.
I would often have ideas, but talk myself out of them
in fear that 'someone' might think they was silly.
But when I started selling my **blooms**
and people actually bought them
it gave me a new confidence.
I am much more comfortable getting my crafty on now
and I like it.
I like it a lot!

Here are a few little projects I've been busy with lately.

I bought this old cake plate at a yard sale.
I wasn't too thrilled with the veggie print.
 So I put a few coats of chalk board paint and

Walah!  Something a little more fun.

While I had the chalk board paint out 
I decided to gussy up a few vases I bought at the dollar section at Target.
 LAST year!

 Does that section do it to you too?
You end up buying random things that sit in your cabinet
for months til' you find them again.
And you think "Now why did I buy these?"

 They got a few coats of paint too.

I thought they would be fun for kids to bring to their teacher the first day of school.

Keeping with the 'Back to School' theme,
I bought a few composition notebooks when they were on SUPER sale
and covered them with fun paper and a few doo dads.

I put them in my space at Station 8.
I figure if they don't sell, 
I'll have prayer journals for the next 8 years.

Hope you have fun plans for the weekend!

Mine involves lots of reading for school and a bit of painting.


  1. so many cute projects...welcome to blogland! so glad you linked up to fridays unfolded!


  2. wow, girl! you've been busy! now why don't you come over and help me sew my fall line for my shop...great! see you soon :) oh, and i loooove those vases...why don't you bring one of those too ;)

  3. I loooooove those vases and such an awesome idea for a teacher present! how do you make those flowers .... i better check back through the blog and see if you already talked about that! I hope you don't mind but i would like to steal (borrow) that idea!!