Friday, July 15, 2011

A Morning Stroll

Good Morning!
Thought you might like to take a stroll with me.
Every morning I like to take a peek at what's new in the garden.
I know, I little nerdy.
Now my girls notice the new growth too!
And they're starting to remember some names of the flowers.
Yeah!  Future garden nerds!

The honeysuckle is blooming

which makes the porch swing a lovely spot to rest.

I used to spend hours every morning weeding

Now I just have time to dead-head and water.
On occasion I'll give a dose of plant steroids- 
aka: Miracle Grow.
I also have adopted the method of over planting 
so you can't see the weeds.
It works for me.

I love the constant color of annuals. 

Thanks for looking with me.
Hope you weren't too bored.
How's your garden growing?

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

1 comment:

  1. oh my word, it's gorgeous! your garden is beautiful! and you reminded me I need more miracle grow :)