Monday, June 13, 2011

Scenes From The Weekend

Happy Monday!
We had a wonderfully relaxed weekend.
It started off with a bit of garage saleing of course.
I love the way God blesses you in the little things.
Just this week I told Josh we needed more books for Kait and a bigger bike.
First sale- a box full of Nancy Drew books.
Kait went to bed saying she was so excited about her new book. 
Her heart was "beating so fast!"
First thing she did in the morning
It is such a blessing to see your kids reading!

I also found a bigger bike for Kait.

Clara was finally brave enough to attempt to ride without training wheels.
 The pep talk
Josh just got her steady
and let her go!
Sweet memories

Sweet treats

Hope you have a marvelous start to your week!


  1. way to go with the rummaging! i think i need to go with you so you can guide me :)

  2. Score - you found some amazing things. My 10 year old love the Nancy Drew books - especially the old ones. she's read all the newer sets (clue crew and the more modern version), but she really prefers the older ones. We've been picking up a few of her favorites one book at a time - to have been so lucky to get the entire set - I'm envious.