Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Time

Good Morning!
I must warn you today's post is a bit sappy.
My dear friend and I decided to have a garage sale this weekend.
Which means I must purge and clean.
This is a good thing. 
But then I come across something like this.
Since we've had all girls I've never had to part with these.
But it's time.
My mommy heart wants to keep them all.
But I don't want to start that now.
Who knows what my closets would look like 
by the time the girls were in high school.
Good bye sweet little sandals.
I remember you on each of my baby's sweet feet for Easter.
These were the first sneakers for each of my girls.
The velcro was pretty much shot for Maggie.
These may just end up in the "keep" box.

Just ONE box of baby clothes keep sakes.

Because who could get rid of these?

I'm off to continue to purge and clean.
My closets are looking nice and neat.

Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. I love to clean out closets and simplify!! Have fun and sell, sell, sell, at your tag sale. BTW, I'd hang onto those black hightops too!


  2. oh, i know how you feel! jarrod wants me to get rid of all the baby stuff, but i'm just not ready yet! :(