Monday, May 16, 2011

More Reports From the Coast

It was another delightful day here in Newport, OR.  The weather was beeeautiful!  We did more of what we did yesterday, and it was perfect.

Lots of relaxin'
 Lots of playing in the sand

My baby girl fell asleep on me.
The world stops when my baby actually falls asleep on me.  
She is growing up TOO fast. 
I cherish these moments.

It was a wonderful day that ended with the YUMMIEST bowl of clam chowder.  
We have one more day here.  
And we're going to fill it with fun.


  1. Such sweet memories you are making with the girls! Our very best memories have been our times at the ocean and the cabin! And how lucky to have a baby sleep on you still! The other night I snuck in Strauss's bed just to lie by him and hear him breathing, well he woke up and then after a moment he said, "Mommy, why don't you go lay in your bed now!" Enjoy every moment. See you soon!

  2. love the sleeping baby pic :) so so sweet! have fun, my friend!!