Friday, April 22, 2011

I Could Be Mistaken As A Hoarder

Happy Friday!
Don't you just love Fridays!  To me, Fridays mean a relaxed school day and GARAGE SALEING!!  I LOVE hunting for fun old junk!  If you saw my back porch, you might think I have a problem.
But you see, I have a reason for all this collecting (hoarding), it's all for my "business".  I like to call it a business because it makes me sound official.   I get to sell my treasures at a splendid venue called The Vintage Whites Market.  If you love vintage treasures, you will LOVE this market.  You can check it out here: 
This summer I will have my own booth-  Yippity skippity doo!!!!  It is SO fun to hunt for treasures! I tell my hubbie that every Friday morning I have to go to my business meetings.  This is what I scored today
Isn't that a vision of vintage goodness?  In that little brown case is an old fun typewriter!  I LOVE typewriters!  And it's sitting on the most amazing desk that I think I'm gonna have to keep- it's an occupational hazard.
 Here's another vision of any junkers dream

That was the motherload score- 41 vintage locker baskets!  I still giggle out loud when I see these pictures.  I was so proud of myself!
So, if you find yourself in the beautiful big sky Montana this summer, you'll have to come check out the market.
I'm off to do my other Friday ritual: laundry!  Not nearly as much fun.
Have a spectacular weekend!
Happy Easter!


  1. oh. my. gosh!! the baskets!! i'm jealous! i'm gonna have to come take some of those off your hands :)

  2. Look at all that great junk! Awesome!