Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Creating Spring!

It's been looking like this outside

So we've been trying to make it look more like Spring inside.

So we're painting butterflies . . .

and making coffee filter butterflies . . .

 and learning to draw butterflies . . .

and growing our own butterflies!
(which I really hope it warms up soon- those lil' boogers are in the chrysalis stage and they're looking ready to pop, but it needs to be at least 55 degrees to release them - oh dear!)

 We've even been watching our own little family of ants.  Man those lil' guys work hard!

I hope you're enjoying Spring!  It's suppose to be sunny and a steamy 53 this Saturday- woo hoo! Break out the shorts!

Ta ta for now!

1 comment:

  1. oh amy, it's fabulous!!!!! i love your background!! ok, a couple of post requests: you need to show us around your school room...that chalkboard looks so cool! also, you need to show off you "junk" we were talking about :) and last, you need a pic of yourself, girl!! love it...i'm your first follower!! yeah!