Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Friday!  Well technically for me it's Thursday, but I have an EARLY morning flight so I'm writing my post tonight.  One thing I just learned for my blogging journey is to NOT write posts at night.  My brain is mush.  So I'm just going to post a few pictures that captured our day.

We painted more butterflies!  
 Four of our five butterflies are fluttering.

I made this sign as a daily reminder
So the next time I'm fishing a Polly Pocket doll out of the toilet, I'll remember to enjoy these little moments.

Do you see what I see?
 Not the weeds and plants from last summer silly, but my 'bleeding heart' showing me that Spring really is here.

I scored these pretty lil' ladies yesterday.
 Aren't they just the cutest things ever?  I'm still trying to decide if I should give them a fresh coat of paint or leave them all chippy.  What do you think?

Instead of cleaning my bathroom, I made a few blooms to restock at Station 8.  
I have a new love for fabric.

I'm off to get some beauty sleep.
I hope you all have a splendid weekend!

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  1. love your new chippy chairs...i'd leave 'em :) also LOVE your new blooms...i'm a bit of a fabric addict too!